Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jaden's Wagga

I made this Wagga for my grandson. I began it while my daughter was pregnant and intended it for his birth. Then I thought, Oh Well, First Birthday... but when this too passed I kept quiet about the whole thing. Finally I finished it and gave it to him about eighteen months ago and of course it's too small for his bed. He's nearly eight.

The black woollen fabric comes from a coat of my Grandma's (his great-great grandma) and one of my own oldies. Grandma's bouccle has sadly run when we've washed it.
I haven't done any more of baby's.


Victoria said...

He's a lucky boy. I reckon my oldest son would love it if his Grandma made him a patchwork blanket.
THANKYOU so so much for the yo-yos - they are wonderful, I love them. Can you tell me who made them? And your Christmas card is gorgeous too, the best one on the string.

AnnieB said...

gorgeous...I just finished reading about Waggas in The Idea of perfection by Kate Genville. I had never heard of them before. Was lovely to come across yours on flickr. What a wonderful gift for a grandchild. So full of history and very beautiful too.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What an amazing piece! Love the details, especially those bees.