Monday, June 29, 2020

Feel Like It’s Working Out OK?

I’ve been working on this a lot lately. You know how you need to do a fair bit of something before you decide if it looks ok or not? Well, those side flowers... around the orange dots... I struggled for a good idea to fill the space, because something needed to happen. I feel like it’s worked, in as much as I didn’t want another ‘thing’ happening, but the plain greys looked boring and vast. This gives a subtle, soft and pretty vibe to the sides. So, I’m happy. 😊 Not sure what colour the centers of these little blossoms will be. Red might be a bit much? Or just right. Fortunately it’s not much hooking to try a few different colours.
That’s a question by the way. Is red too much? There’s only one with a centre, see? Waddya say?
Or maybe the pink ones could have blue centers and vice verse. Hmmm...

The blue of the new side blooms kind of vanishes, but its ‘glow‘ is the effect that feels right. It’s there and not there.
I’m busting to start my next design. I’ve been drawing and redrawing for the last week or more. Weeks. At work, keeping away from everyone else in a little room. Waiting to do the actual work I’m paid for is way more fun. If we’re quiet, then I’m taking the opportunity and running with it.
I bought a scrap book, and have been pasting printouts of the moods I want and any references etc. It feels as fun as primary school. Old school cut and paste.
Another thing, I want to make chaise coasters to stop the legs marking the carpet after it’s finished.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Decisions On The Chaise Rug

I’ve been steadily plodding away at this rug and now have to decide about a couple of things.
Firstly, the blue in the centre of the larger floral motifs is from an old cardigan (meaning it’s not dyed wool and has a different cast) and the colour seems too strong. I might change that and use the same as the other flowers. Yes...
Secondly, maybe the pink and probably the oranges in the larger motif doesn’t feel right. Either or. I’m not sure whether to bring the pumpkin into them? Mmm... Or is it just the lighter, candy orange one (nearest in pic above)?
Sitting here on the verandah on this gorgeous, mild winters’ day, I see there’s a clash that offends me. I’m just pondering out loud and inviting you to suffer along with me.
I don’t care what anyone says, I like the green.
You can see I’ve made a dogs-breakfast with my scribbling in figuring out the background. I tried adding a swathe sort of thing in subtle but different colours, which looked wrong... then I added raised spots with the background colour. They looked amazing but not for here. It was way too much and it’s already too colourful for the poor One True. Good idea for another rug... just raised spots in one colour. Like those moss rugs.
So I’m stumbling through the fog of an idea to use only background shades to suggest foliage, inter dispersed with dots that are not raised (I’ve started but the floor really really really needs vacuuming and my hand hurts).
Or, just work in a direction, with lines flowing out as the now defunct swathes suggested.
Excuse me for boring you to tears, and please, feel free to butt in. 
But you might be pleased to know I’ve decided stuff just in talking it through. Thanks.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hall Rug Inspirations

I figured out the middle, fish. I had drawn a dove but it looked weird upside down so left it blank.
Hubby is a keen fisherman. KEEN. And looking at ancient mosaic floor images I caught the vibe!
Inspired also by Heronimous Bosh and his weirdly scaled creatures...
I’m busting to start and determined not to yet.

I need to slightly tweak the fish so they read from both ends and have no  right side up.
Follow the tag ‘Hall Rug’ for a progression.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Leather Rug Hooking Gauntlet Pattern

Make sure to do a backstitch section at the edges. Notice I have left the unseamed edges raw, being leather. Just noted in case you want to hem.
To protect my hand, wrist and forearm from the nastiness of Gripper Strip rug frame injury, I made a single gauntlet using soft leather. I find it easier than using the cover and I can see the whole of the area I'm working on.
I have (or am about to) put the pdf  files on The Victorian Rug Makers,Yarra Valley Group Facebook, so you can download the actual size. If you search 'gauntlet' you'll find them.
I have broadish hands but thinnish wrists. I suggest you adjust the pattern with paper and sticky tape before cutting into any leather. Or run it up in calico.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Right, The Chaise Rug Saga... What Next?

Jo Franco asked me to show how much I'd done and it's at a good point to regroup anyway. 

Right, well, firstly... This rug is to go underneath an old chaise, hence the 3D effect on the dots. The legs go in the middle of the space in each corner, so the 3 outside 'flowers' surround them.

I can see I need to actually lay it out under the chaise, sigh. Boring! (Update. I did and I'm very happy with everything as it is. Phew!).
Question to myself (and to you): I'm not sure about the green anymore. There's a clear green in the ancient Bulgarian rug which will be in the same room, but the green blanket I've used is very clean and crisp. It might need to be removed. While I'm at it, I'm not sure about the apricot either! But I'll wait on that one. And the larger flowers' centres.
Answer: The green glows and picks up on the shine of the French hand-loomed silk upholstering. There's a story behind this chaise too...

This is the first rug I did, which inspired the newby. I love these dirty greys, but made the new one  more duck egg blue. Nice. Very happy about that. But I'm noticing how earthy that one is and I like that. This one is getting too candified. Buggrit! Bit depressed but I'll push on through!The dirty pink works nicely so maybe I need to replicate that mood. I already said buggrit!
These dotted lines are more subtle.

You can't see well with these photo's, but all is well, it looks good. I made coffee so I could sit and problem-solve, putting my big person pants on in case I really needed to pull a lot out and do it again. But no.. I'll just plug on.

I think the ends can be oval. The chaise may end up anywhere after the renovations and the rug neds to be a frame for it plus fit against a wall or in the open. Plus, I might replicate the leafy swathes as on the frst Uzbekistan inspired rig and as drawn on the fabric. Not sure what colour yet.
Thanks Jo! If you hadn't asked, I wouldn't have gone through this experimant and may have sunk into depression!

Friday, May 01, 2020

Bobby's Grandma's Bouclé Wristwarmers

New little pattern available for $3AUD in my Ravelry or Etsy shops.

My vast hoard of yarn includes a few snippets of very old wool, given to me by my Grandma. One of these is the gorgeous lavender pebble-dashed bouclĂ© seen here, which is now all but used up. It must be at least fifty years old. Good thing I hung on to it huh? Always a sensible thing to do. 
I did (and do) intend to make another pair of these, using the leftover wool purchased for my Fair Isle Thistle Wristwarmer's and Tam o'Shanter. I'll add them as a project on Ravelry very soon.
OK, so my original plan was to see how far I could take the 10 balls of Jamieson's Spindrift, but I was distracted by the bouclé.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hand Spun Mohair Dyed With Walnut Hulls

Left to right: knitted shawl in natural dark alpaca’s and teal possum wool; antique black overdyed dark alpaca (ball); walnut dyed mohair and lastly undyed mohair.
My experiments with using walnut hulls for dyeing continue. I’ve used the whole packet now, but know of a tree up the road I might be able to hunt around to find some more, if the birds and possums haven’t absconded with everything by now.
The colour is amazing! But... I might over dye it. Not sure. I’m not sure I don’t look ill wearing this warm camel brown. This delicious, luscious, beautiful caramel. Perhaps it’s too gorgeous to fuss with?
The mohair takes up the dye much better than the silk or linen, having used a similar amount... oh, I did use the remaining dye from the last pot so perhaps it’s a bit more. Not significantly more though.
I’m thinking of making Kate Davies’s Mouat cowl. I have a dark yarn spun by the same friend, Chris Noorbergen. It’s the overdyed alpaca, dark brown with a blotchy bluish cast pictured above . Then with some undyed mohair, which is a brilliant white, it might be enough colour. Not sure. So many not sure’s.
Thanks so much tomBrenda Liano for the fleece! Xxx