Friday, August 26, 2016

Just Quietly...

It's the hubby's (60th) birthday soon, so I want to make something nice for us. I've long thought Log Cabin's were an excellent way to use/showcase my gorgeous fabrics. So here it is. I work on it at my Dad's, so he knows nothing about it. Surprise!

The only thing is, I leave for work while he's still in bed, then he turns it down to breathe and release boy fumes... and I maybe make the bed at night... so really the quilt will spend its beautiful, silken days on the floor in a crumpled heap. But there it is!
My Dad's enjoying the way the logs shading can be arranged to make various patterns. I may change it yet, as I delve into the ever reducing hoard of cloth and pick out new bits. But at least I can lay it out on the floor there. We don't have any floor over here at my house.

Japanese silks and other exotic lusciousnesses.

The One True's Newest Wall Made Using Some Incredible Rock

It's gorgeous isn't it? This is just out the back of the house, viewed from inside through a big window that looks into garden. The house is set into the hill a bit so the garden is at eye height, hence the most beautiful wall you've ever seen in your life. The pointing frames and accentuates each carefully chosen rock or brick.
Well done dearest! Love your work! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Geometric Proggy Rug

The linen, ready to go. I'd been struggling over whether to do it as another proggy/peggy/clippy rug, or hook it, with my exotic fabrics... silks and the like... but I'm getting low on some silks and decided to use my many and sometimes hand-dyed woollen blankets. Done.
The whole point is to use up my stash, and wool I got plenty!
It's around 74 x 140cm, maybe a smidge smaller.
Here is the inspiration, although I'm not using these types of colours. I was thinking more along the lines of this amazing Kimono.
I don't know where the embroidery originated. It could be South American? If anyone knows, please let me know??

Our Cosy Lounge Room

I rearranged my lounge room. The new proggy rug, made for beside the bed, hasn't left the lounge. 
Same place, but I couldn't decide which picture to put up. Note the many cushions... it's been a thaing of late. And the freshly dusted bric-a-brac shelf. Luvverly!

Monday, July 11, 2016

F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! Yes, It Is!

It's done! Weighs a ton, feels like a luxurious, unbelievable lush, thick, velvety, shag-pile, roll-around-on-it marvelous thing. Quite happy with it actually!

The rug is 74 x 140cm and is made using mostly silks, rayons and otherwise exotic fabrics. I've used cloth from my vast stash or op-shops, plus a tiny bit I bought new because it was the right colour and it's my money! 
The strips were cut slightly off-grain, to avoid fraying as I've not used any stretchy materials. 

I cut them between 2 and 4-5cm wide, depending on how thick the cloth was, then about 5cm long (by winding the strips around two sandwiched 2.5 wide cardboard strips and slipping the scissors in between to cut one edge, like you would a pom pom).
 I joined the '10 minute a day' group over on Rug Hooking Daily, which was effective because I made sure I did at lest 10 minutes, rain or shine, and that (of course) translated into 20 minutes or 3 hours! Plus it kept my interest.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process once I stopped cramming my progs so close as to be difficult and slow! I'd wondered if it'd be the only one I ever made! But now I can't wait to start another.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Fleur-de-lis Rug

The back of proggy's is always clearer huh.

Fluffy softness for my feet.

My proggy rug is nearly done (even more so, as I write this). My sciatica will hopefully move on when it is, as I spend way too much (potential cleaning) time at it after dinner in the evening and the sciatic nerve is making me pay. Pretty-well every night, I get sucked into it. It's killing me. 
My hubby is going to make me a standing-up pair of trestle legs, so I can either prop on a stool or stand up to work. 

A couple of nights ago I sacrificed my over-pj's-wear kimono because it's exactly the right colour for some background. It was wearing out in any case, so...gone. I did like wearing it though... hmmm.

I've discovered audio books. This rug has seen me through the entire 8 Outlander books and now I'm onto 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. Wow! What a book that is. Amazing account and so human.

The audio's are good for making vacuuming a 'nothing' rather than a bore too. Excellent!