Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bambi Is Here Now


(the blue binding in the photo is the right colour, but the oranges above are too bright)
I finally finished my Bambi Rug (last night)! Yes, after 6 months (although a lot of that time I didn't touch it excepting at the weekends, so it could have been quicker).

We (the One True and I) went on an emergency trip to Kazari in Prahran last Saturday, because, even though I have as much fabric as they do, I didn't have anything that looked right for the rug binding. Nothing! And, being silks and cottons (and nylons), I wasn't going to use wool (which I could dye the right colour but which wouldn't look right, texture-wise).

I managed to find (within the first minute) the perfect colour and a pleasing texture to use. An old kimono, unlined, $20. You can see it in this awfully blurred and temporary photo (which shows the colour well, nonetheless). It's fluffy because I cut off-grain and the back-colour shows at the edges (an old shell-pinky shade). Noice.

I also had to have a $10 length of gorgeous, purple, silk-satin damask (amazing colour), and... a shell thingy and a fabulous ceramic bird in jade green. While I was choosing the fabric (and I looked at every roll of cloth in the shop, but came back to the first choice) my Fella went to the art supply shop and spent loads of money. Loads. So, our $20 ended up being nearly $300. Sooo naughty.

But we don't care.

Bambi's now in pride of place in front of the chaise, looking the wrong size but nearby enough, for the moment, to gaze upon all of those beautiful mostly vintage silks.


Monday, January 05, 2015

This Is So Nice To Work On, Out On The Verandah

Well, I am still thinking of Magdalena Briner Eby,ish... though not trying to copy her so much as starting with her work in mind. She had a fantastic, organic style, and this rug has been growing too, rather than following any pre-known or colour plan. I like to begin with the Must Use fabrics or Definitely Will Include colours, and then follow their lead.
As usual, in so doing, I make work for myself. But the idea of using old clothes and fabrics dictates the colours and you can't always know what works, in advance. As opposed to dyeing woollen cloths to suit, that is (where you obviously have a plan).
I've really made inroads into my (often) Japanese silk and my (unwearable) vintage clothes stashes! It feels at once wasteful and the exact opposite. You can't see the details of prints etc., but the lusciousness abides! And I don't do so much embroidery these days so it's just sitting there accusing me.

Scribbles become intelligible if you Add Too Many!

These are just crummy 'phone shots. My camera had Alzheimer's. So... the colours aren't good in this overall shot. Probably, the first photo is most accurate.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas 2014

My Viking modelling the Dwarven Battle Bonnet

Leif's Bunny

Lee Lee's Laurel

Ruby's Frederic/a

Nessie's Nellie

Plus what I've already uploaded! It's been a marathon and I fell in love with every little thing.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dress For Shirley and Theodora

A friend at work gave me the ‘It’s a Girl’ cards to make the dress. Her daughter can be a bit of a ‘tear-away’ so she thought it would be nice if something sweet and pretty was made from all of those hopes and wishes given at her birth, to reflect the sweetness she hides underneath the troubles. These lovely old cards are mixed with a vintage childrens' illustrated book (which name I do not have but will try to find). All are to fit 5 year old Shirley and Theodora (Dicephalic Parapagus Twins), although it may be a little scratchy.

The inside of the dress is the story from the greetings and poetry from the cards and some more story.

For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another One!

 Read about it over on my Ravelry page...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not So Nylon Now

The background is following a mood of Magdalena Briny Eby, sort of. I don't have a plan so much as am working abstractedly. Originally I thought I'd use all blues, then all drabs, but now the combo of shades and colour is melding the dear little deer into the image, rather than having it too prominent. I think the (wide) border will be striped, fanning outwards? Hmmm... not sure yet.

The beginning of the rug was Grandma's clothes, but the fabrics I've accumulated over many embroidering years are Vast and Silken, so they come into it when the colour is right. It's nice to work with silks too.

I almost 100% refuse to buy synthetics, but sometimes there's bling that wants in.

I've been cutting my strips off grain. Not particularly on the bias, just enough to avoid fraying. Or, cutting wide and folding the raw edges into the centre. I have an iron set up next to my table. The more I do, the less I use the iron though, and just hold it in. I've never really been terribly fond of 'rows' of loops, so try to twist them a bit... it depends. The ironed strips are very uniform as loops you see.
A few of the silks I've had to hold two strips (worms) as they haven't been thick enough to stay.
I'm really enjoying this rug... do I say that every time? This feels more me than the last (fox seat cover) and I'm learning loads. It's harder on the hands to use regular fabric... wool is so gentle, but worth the effort! I've used an old skirt of mine that I wore to death and fading. It's a nice pink and now it's all gone and no longer a burden (burden as in, sitting in my stash wanting to be used). I LOVE using up my fabric! My lifetime goal is to use all of my fabric.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So Far...

Getting ready for Christmas... these gorgeous things are designed by Julie Williams at Little Cotton Rabbits. She's amazing! Her patterns are so well laid out and illustrated, step by step.
I've been really enjoying myself and each little fellow gets well squished at completion! Lovely!
Gotta go now though, work to do!!