Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Love Those Hanky Boxes!

This is my very own trinket box. I've been saving vintage (or just particularly cheesy) Mill's & Boon covers for some time, as well as various pictures I like for whatever (or no) reason. When my Dah (grandfather) died, my Grandma got a little poodle like this one (Pepe), so I do think of this as Grandma's Hanky Box. The chandelier spares are all from her vast collection (that's added to my vast collection and the remnants of Mum's vast collection). This cat (on the base) looks just like my last cat (aged 18) (I was 18, not the cat). Kitty. And the pictures, or covers, are those I really liked together. It's impossible to get really old covers now, around here anyway.
Inside are all of the rude bits. The panting, the love puddings etc. And the inner base is part of a map of Paris I lugged around on my adventure and have kept since. I cut the base with the maps of where I stayed and it holds all of the necessary memories, so I threw out the rest of the map and felt terrific and lighter and terribly efficient. Memory intact.
I usually go with a theme, not stick disparate images together, so this felt quite free and unusually whimsical! An indulgence, just for my new shed (it will be a 'writing' shed, ha ha ha). Just need the shed, and a plan of something to put in the box. And a habit of writing. And perhaps a cup of tea, hang on a second...
The pattern is 6 (rather than 8) panels of Granny's Christmas Card Box. Pattern there...

Love this painterly style.

Emile Zola cover. I didn't realise at the time, or I mightn't have torn it off. Now I need to buy it again.

Bit rude. And the highlighted street I stayed in in Paris. 

Next (below) is my friend's Christmas present, so I hope she doesn't read this blog. This particular friend has a million dollar admin mind, and likes crap books (sometimes) to keep it real, or to not have to think. I borrowed a Load of old romances from her once, hoping to get the drift and write my own (I will, I will). She's mildly ashamed and also couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks about her reading them. My closest friend (girl one).

Base. This box is smaller. The pattern is the same as Jo's Naughty Box, and Zoe's Hanky Box. You'll find a print out of the pattern... read it because I made adjustments but haven't redrawn the pattern (no scanner anymore to upload).
Button from Grandma's stash again. Go Grandma. I think my grand daughter will be saying this one day! When she does amazing things with the remnants of her grandmother and so on's stashes (added to her own).
Look in 'Crochet' for other patterns of boxes, for hankies or tissue boxes etc. And in there is a TUTORIAL, with what's and where from's of equipment that I have used. 

Let me know if you want anything and I'll see what I can do to make your path to Loads of Fun easier.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dress For Shirley and Theodora

A friend at work gave me the ‘It’s a Girl’ cards to make the dress. Her daughter can be a bit of a ‘tear-away’ so she thought it would be nice if something sweet and pretty was made from all of those hopes and wishes given at her birth, to reflect the sweetness she hides underneath the troubles. These lovely old cards are mixed with a vintage childrens' illustrated book (which name I do not have but will try to find). All are to fit 5 year old Shirley and Theodora (Dicephalic Parapagus Twins), although it may be a little scratchy.

The inside of the dress is the story from the greetings and poetry from the cards and some more story.

For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chook Hilton

 The chook Hilton, in progress.

Little Man In A Box by Damian Meehan

Grandma's Nylon Bambi Rug (Name In Progress)

Many years ago when my Grandma died (1993), I saved most of her clothes to use for crafts.
She had a heap of overcoats and loads of ‘Pure Nylon’ tops and pant suits, many of which were paisley and bright. Quite lairy was my old Grandma. Born in 1909, she found her heels (but not her temperament) in the 60’s. Well, with the fabrics and ‘kitsch’ of the era. I have lots of her old bric-a-brac and have added much of my own now too. What was once my Grandma’s style is now my style too. I have a collection of little porcelain fawns and Bambi’s, for example, which is a definite a Grandma influence.

I madeWagga’s out of Grandma’s coats, and still use remnants in all sorts of things: blankets, pot-holders and rugs.

When I first collected the nylons, I imagined using them in hooked rugs, what else after all? They don’t feel so nice to wear and can get a bit smelly, ew. I had bought, or rather borrowed Joan Mortimer’s fabulous book on Rug Hooking, so here was reason enough to save these quite lovely fabrics and save the memories that went with them.
Years went by. I made my ‘Grandma Curtains’ with some, embroidering notes and letters and recipes from my childhood and my life with Grandma and Mum. We three sewers. These adorn my sewing room, appropriately.
But this week, after having a bundle of colours made up for the last year, I started my Grandma’s Bambi rug (name in progress). It’s been sitting in the back of my mind for so long! As ideas do. All I want to do now is work on the rug, even though I really have no place for it in my tiny little house. Let alone anywhere for a pink deer rug! (I can hear your comments about that from here, and I am going ahead so you see, I agree).
Anyhow, the main reason I wanted to write about this is that I feel the intimacy of my Grandma so very much, doing this. Grandma was a quick sewer. Always eager to try something new and get on with it. She used pinking shears rather than zig-zag on the seams (pre overlocker days). I’m not like that. I’m fastidious, but have otherwise almost completely morphed her into myself.
As I pull apart these nylon clothes, I see her quick and ‘strong-but-not- blind’ hemming and remember when I got her to make my end-of-year dress for dressmaker’s college (myself a lazy 16 year old) and lost marks for the pragmatic but not saleable, invisible hem. And last night as I unpicked another outfit, I discovered Grandma’s pencil marks for her darts. It brought a tear to my eye and a pang of loneliness for her and for my Mum. We three sewers who shared so much.
Only I, remaining, know these things about my Grandma. When I look inside these old clothes, I know instantly if she made it and that makes me smile. I still miss her terribly even after this time, but she is hooked into posterity with this very bright, pink, maybe a little bit kitsch, Bambi rug.

Not sure about the background... scenery? Grass and sky? We'll see.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Loving These Foxes! Perhaps Albert/a?

I loved my own knicker-bockers in grade 5.

 She's as gorgeous as he is. Either or, depends on the clothes (no privates after all, not real people in spite of my firm opinions to the contrary).

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Leif (Ninja Dragon) and Henry


New sheets! So exciting!
Minor dragon tail adjustments

Happy Birthday little man!