Sunday, November 10, 2019

New Bag From Old Canvas Work

Renegade Bag pattern by Sew Sweetness on Etsy.
Made using an old canvas work and one lining I bought at the Op Shop. Lined with an old silk dress (op shop again), over time. Zips, same.
It’s a good size and will fit milk and bread or my knitting, purse and shawl...
I’ve ordered D-rings and lobster clips and will make an over-body strap for it too. Then it’ll be perfect.
However, it’s still not the bag I need for everyday, so...

This is made without any pattern alterations.

I wasn’t fond of the image here, so cut it upside down.
 Fantastic old zip from the vaults. same with the yellow one below, which is gorgeous on the fleshy pink silk. Before you congratulate me on my thrift, I must confess that I’ve spent a lot on some heavy metal zips for the bags I want to make next.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Bobby's Fair Isle Tam o'Shanter Pattern

Just published the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy. Thanks Jen Next Door and Anna for modelling the tams for me! xxx

Garden Tissue-Box Cover for Garden Kitchen

Go here for the pattern and here for others.

The Garden Kitchen Has Arrived!

And now we will bar-b-que until we are as fat as pigs (unless we deflect current trending).

How beautiful is this! Clever boy. Xxxxx

Friday, September 27, 2019

Melbourne Show 2019w

We did it. The Melbourne Show for one day. It sounds simple, pack a case, go to show, demonstrate rug making...
There is always a lot of interest in rug making. We didn’t have our big proddy frames and it’s these proggy/clippy/peggy/proddy rugs that the children like to try. However Anne had a standing hoop frame for quilting so managed to let folk have a bit of a go... and lots of people watched or tried hooking too. Plus I got along with my Uzbekistan style rug #2.
It still surprises me that Rug Hooking is so little known in Australia, considering how it parallels quilting in the USA and always has.
But, we did meet Lee, who plans to come on Sunday, so slowly the group is expanding! And we have Veronica as well so that’s two more.

On the way in I bought a coffee at Belgrave’s Blacksmith Cafe and the lovely Alex was wearing this amazing cowl. Her grandfather had spun the wool and she had crocheted it herself. It is done in Crocodile stitch. It was so gorgeous and unusual I asked if I could photograph and post it. Thanks Alex.
I keep meaning to say that another old friend Jennifer Walton, who lives in Far North Queensland, is now a long distance member of our group. Jennie went crazy on tugging after a visit down to mine a little while back. I gave her Miriam’s excellent book and that’s the end of her!
Jen is onto her second rug, this time a hooked rug. She has a good eye as you will see. Pics to follow.
(Too lazy to come and bring a plate, obviously).

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Re Vamp of an Old Jumper

I’ve recently discovered ‘Fruity Knitting ‘ on You Tube and have learnt a great deal, including how to Edit or Alter garments that do not fit.
This is my first jumper. After having knitted a heap of face washers and deciding I could probably actually make a garment, I did this. Circa 2009.
It is Kate Davies’s Paper Dolls. I’ve knit it again and that one was too small! Note To Self: Recreate the colours of the second, too small version in another attempt.
So, with confidence borne of watching a few FN episodes where Andrea, the hostess (etc) cut and Kitchener Stitched back together a panel of a cardigan, I realised I could keep the doll section of the old, tatty Paper Dolls and a fair amount of the wool from the body (in order to have a similarly faded blue) and rework the entirety of the jumper, Top Down!

So, you slip your cable through a row of knitting, in this case I’ve started with a row just below the pattern, then snip a single stitch of the row under your cable. Then you painstakingly pull the loose end out, loop by loop.

I scribbled a bit of an idea at work yesterday, in my trusty notebook companion (which I must read to see what else I intended to do this weekend)...
I thought I should do a row or two of the blue, then could add a band of... even mohair? Or a blend with a different texture than the original? Perhaps in a shelly pink? Plus, rather than keep to the quiet blue and pink, I could add flashes of orange or sunset yellows to give it a new angle. We'll see.
Anyhow, it's fun to do this. I haven't the heart to throw it out and because it's a roundel, it doesn't suit cutting up for one of my Wagga's.
Wish me luck.