Saturday, December 29, 2012

Marie Antonia Petit Point For You!

Detail from 'Archduchess Marie Antonia (later to become Marie Antoinette, Queen of France) at the age of 12' by Martin van Meytens, 1767-68.
Taken too late in the evening. I'll try to remember (bother) to take another tomorrow.

I have a program (bought at great expense) which converts images to charts using my choice of thread brands. I offer the service at Etsy for not much money too, by the way!

I used 22 count so my version is smaller.

Appleton's Crewel Wool. You could use their tapestry wool for a larger version.
I love Marie Antoinette. I read 'The Lost King of France' at the recommendation of my tour guide to Versailles. This book is about Louis XVII, the child of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. It's an absolute page turner. Sad, but terribly interesting and well written. Then I went on to read Antonia Fraser's 'Marie Antoinette: A Journey', also a beautiful book and very well balanced. There has been much controversy about Marie Antoinette, most of it ridiculous. She was a child of her time and a political pawn, born to be played for power, peace and gain by both sides. Louis XIV, The Sun King, was responsible for the excesses of the French court and his grandson and great-grandson paid the price with their lives, along with Marie Antoinette.
Going to Paris, and Versailles was a major event in my life (of course, you say). Who wouldn't fall in love with such beauty, although I might tone it down a smidge for my place.
So, when the lovely New Zealander took our tour (a bicycle tour... er... ah... Fat Bike Tours), he filled us up with his own love for Marie Antoinette and I will always be a fan.


Christina P said...

Hi! Thanks for posting this pattern of Marie Antoinette! I dabble in cross-stitch and embroidery on occasion but thought that this would make a great piece of pixel art! Thought you'd be interested in seeing another form of this great pattern you made:

Just finished:

In its frame:

Bobby La said...

That looks amazing Christina! Is it paint? Or tiles...??

Christina P said...

Hi again! It's paint on watercolor paper! Took forever but the result is just lovely. Thanks again for the pattern!

Bobby La said...

Now I'm all keen to do something similar in tiles for our bathroom or kitchen... when we get to renovating that is. Cheers!