Monday, August 22, 2005

A Shocking Photo Of A Blanket I Made For Igor & Sarah's New Baby Amy.

The blanket looks much nicer is use.
Igor is a sweetheart I recently studied with, and they were having a baby, and I was in between projects and wanted to do something simple without having planned it for two years and studied how to for twenty. It's cute but simple. Then I felt embarrassed because it's a lot to give a co-worker. But Igor is lovely and there you go.

Now that my daughter is having another baby I'm making a proper one, although I havn't been able to find any polar fleece that's a decent colour, so I'm using what feels like cashmere in a soft green. Baby is going to get the Happy Bunny Baby Quilt too, and it all needs to match. Sort of match anyway.

I've asked Igor for some detail photo's but he's a boy and a young one at that and we'll see. I should have photographed it myself but didn't for some reason. I think it was because it was dark when I left for work and dark when I got home. Yes, that was it.