Saturday, May 15, 2010


Made at least 20 years ago out of beer cans and 8ply knitting wool. He loves it too. Makes the wife proud!

Having Fun With Hard Rubbish Collection

At the centre of a roundabout in Boronia. The person I sent to get a picture could have had a bit more try... there was a coffee table with mugs on it, a doll in the high chair, cushions and a big soft person/creature all watching tele. We laughed! Must have been quite a job to get it there!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Who The Hell Is That Old Lady?

The Disclaimer: Fair dinkum, I have never been so fat in all my life! But I am 51 going on 52, so you get that. Plus, the One True Love cooks and we eat and we live a voluptuous life. I must be getting mellow, otherwise there's no way I'd add the photo (vain).
So, the jumper is FINISHED! Paperdolls by Kate Rice. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I want to begin another version immediately!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hanky Box For Zoe FINISHED!

A button from my Grandmothers collection. I have three, and wondered if I ought to break up the set... but what else am I going to use them for? This is Zoe's great-grandmother's button!

See how I've added a row or two of crochet to make the base larger? That's because I forgot to allow extra size in the base and lid to compensate for the seams. You need to add an extra 1cm to each side for the lid and base. My lid is bigger than the pattern here. YES, I'll redraw it and blog it correctly, but just so you know.

I Have yet to make the button and tie catch. You can see them on all others if you click on the CROCHET tag at the bottom of this post.

Inside pieces:

Outside pieces:

I thought this design might be a bit easier for people to make as a starter. Also, it's cute, and traditional. The base and lid are made using equilateral triangles. You just draw the lines at 60 degrees apart and measure how side you want it. But use this if you want. I haven't cropped the pattern picture so the size should be right for A4.
Top is 10 1/2 cm wide (amended size), sides are 12cm tall. Don't forget to make the lid and base bigger. I promise I'll fix it soon.