Monday, April 09, 2012

Onward & Upward With The Finishing Off Thing

I am adding this text to Claire's drawing. It needed something other, and this will work well.

My eldest daughter wrote this note for her grandparents, maybe aged 8-10? I realised the other day, that I would NEVER EVER have presumed my grandparents, or parents, or anyone else for that matter, to be wrong and then magnanimously forgiven them and not held it against them like this! I would have forgiven them of course, being tender hearted, but it would not have occured to me to see any wrongness! Such a self-aware little girl!

Better Pics Of The Shell Lamp

I don't think I posted these? I love this lamp. We have it on every night and I look at it every night. I wonder if a frame covered thus might suit the Death's Head Bunny?

A Portrait By Wade Posthumous

Lace Death's Head Bunny With Cross Carrots

I've started dragging un-framed and unfinished things out of the cupboard. Kim from l'uccello's gave me this piece of silk ribbon (14 cm wide) and I bought the little vintage Mother of Pearl buttons and some others which didn't suit but will be a lovely addition to the button stash. They are mixed with Baroque Pearls.

If you go here and scroll down, you'll find the pattern I made and various progress shots and explanations.

Now I have to find a suitable frame, which, so far, is not an easy thing. It wants to be a bit rich and gold... or tarnished silver. Old would be good!