Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Do Stuff But I Don't Share

I'm trying to make some clothes. You'd think it could be a simple and quick thing to do for an old dressmaker, but that doesn't account for the Brilliant Idea that turns it into a long and difficult task.
I thought a knitted lining for the cuffs would look fantastic (and it will), so with the aid of the knitting calculator, I figured out the exact knitting increases etc. to do it. That was easy-ish. I found a couple of brilliant knitting books at the Oppy and found a favourite cable design and worked out how many repeats and how much either side etc. etc. Then, I lost my place and missed a crucial step in the cable and had to pull it back, which turned into a mathematical nightmare! I couldn't figure out where I was up to. Crikey!
And the only wool that suited is 2 ply! Of course.
It's all good now. Excepting that the jacket pattern needs adjusting.
What began as a simple thing - To Make A Jacket - had turned into a course in Patternmaking, an elaborate Brain Stretch in knitting design, a deeper understanding of Cable Methods, some very pretty new knitting needles and as yet no jacket! Ha ha ha! Perhaps my new, fit, boxer-cise body will be ready when the jacket is ready!
Then I soaked and washed this Pot Holder. The black fabric ran (I threw the black out ages ago but this is one of the first).
I said to the One True that it looked like he'd been beaten up or maybe fell of his bike, and he thought he needed a bandaid and some stitches. Still seems happy enough, even without counselling.

I Have A New Plan

100 colours

20 colours
One shown in Petit Point with no background added as yet, the other in Cross stitch. The intention is to use the colours for the eyes and hands/bow-tie on the chart with less colours, to add dimension and prettiness, without using 100 colours!

Years ago, I bought (for a ridiculous amount of money) a program that converts images into cross-stitch patterns, or needlepoint patterns. I've just bought (at great expense again) the upgrade. The thing is, it's not as easy as you think. A lot of things don't work well. Or they do if you allow the program to use 100 colours, which no sane person will want. Except me, I think.
Anyhooo, I intend to put some patterns on Etsy.
I've been fussing and fussing with this design in particular. It's so cute, but the eyes need a bit of work and I had to eliminate the background. I just figured out where I saved it from... Arthur's Circus. So it's just for me and not for sale. They have a shop in North Melbourne that looks like a fun place to be! I'm gonna go have a squizz!

What do you think? Would you pay around $10 for a cross stitch pattern in PDF form? Would you get a picture of your favourite pet converted and make it up in wool on canvas, or cross stitch? Or your child slash loved-one?

Also, I've keyed in a few of my early samplers as patterns. At least one is almost ready to rock and roll, so that'll be there soon too. At Etsy, that is.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Thing Is, We've Done Twice As Much.

I took this before we began today. The One True did 7/8 of everything, at least. At LEAST. He's worth his weight in gold, that one. I must have done stuff though, because my body thinks it's been working. On a knitting note... I printed out some knitters graph paper and made a pattern for the cuffs of my new jacket. It works too! The graph, that is. I'm very impressed with myself. I'll show you maybe tomorrow. It's too much fun!

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Bob Cat Man Came At Last!

And we've begun in earnest. True! Since these photo's were taken we've placed two of the big rocks in and mapped out the line for the first ever rock wall on our place. It's good. We're a team. I actually miss this kind of work. Sitting on my (ample) bum all day is not good for the body. I try to walk in the mornings but don't always get to it I'm afraid. Carrying rocks up hills will be good for the Bingo Wings.
Everything's good actually. I'm drafting my basic blocks to make clothes that fit my middle aged pudding body. Ironically, making clothes causes me to eat less. I love clothes. I love making them and I love good design and technique. I get weepy when I see documentaries about good designers. I've nearly finished knitting my jumper and can then start the next thing. Life is good when you're easily pleased.

Paper Dolls On The Home Run

It had better look good, that's all I can say! Though, I have to add that the great thing about Ravelry is that you can see other people's versions on other people's bodies, so you can get a bit of an idea. Chubby arms, big boobs, biggish anyway, these days. Not BIG but bigger than before anyway.
I'm a bit excited. Now I get to do the next thing (orange cuffs for the new jacket). Yay!