Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The New Rubbish Arbour

Which is not to say that the arbour is a rubbish arbour, but that it's for putting the rubbish bins in. We've planted (that is, the husband has) Boston Ivy at each corner, which will eventurally cover it completely, making it like a hedge with doors. Clever huh?
It's hard to make out I know.
The bobbles are polystirene which is rendered in concrete and painted to look like rust.

I made some hessian curtains for the verandah. Yesterday in the 46 degree heat (or whatever it was) we hosed them down occasionally. I love the mood it creates. Sitting in the loungeroom and looking out, it seems to enlarge the room. Noice.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pretty Pater Dolls

Just started, but happy.
Paper Doll's by Kate Davies. Or look here for everone else's versions.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Hedge Shed

Top view.
One side will be for rubbish bins, the other for wood. We've planted a Boston Ivy to cover it, so it will end up looking like a hedge.

We love bling.

The Apple Arbour

Our favourite material for the minute... reinforcement steel bars. Twitched together, then covered with a smidge of chicken wire and ferro cement render.
Note the path. The bottom path has thyme planted around the pavers. All of the pavers were free cast-offs.

We added pigment render to the top. The reo will rust and the pigment will fade, together.

It doesn't look this fake rust colour in reality.

The tops of the reo here are covered first with polystyrene balls and then ferro cemented. I like them this colour, they look like garlic flowers before they shed their cowl.

My Christmas Shed (Ala The Bus Stop)

This is the shed at the top of the block. It's the best shed you could possibly ask for, especially with a ribbon and a card for My Christmas Present! Unbelievable.

The back part of the roof is glass, to enable Begonia's to flourish. We've since decided to put an old tank inside too, for sea-weed-juice manufacturing. I'll take a photo when it's done. You'll see it's perfect. The paint Ross made with cement oxides (pigment)t and lime and Bondcrete. Very cheap and has a gorgeous patina. Prettier than it looks here.

Inside view. Note the old safety hat. Begonia's. The brown pot on the shelf was cast concrete inside an old woven basket.

The thing hanging there is an old, dry Durian skin.

Dad's Wagga

Made from: army blanket, army trousers, Armstrong and Ross tartans (various types of each), Mum's old clothes, my old tartan kilts, etc.

CFA button

Dad with Leif (My Dad and my grandson)
My Dad is very ill and in hossie at the moment. I made the only thing I could for Christmas.