Sunday, November 10, 2019

New Bag From Old Canvas Work

Renegade Bag pattern by Sew Sweetness on Etsy.
Made using an old canvas work and one lining I bought at the Op Shop. Lined with an old silk dress (op shop again), over time. Zips, same.
It’s a good size and will fit milk and bread or my knitting, purse and shawl...
I’ve ordered D-rings and lobster clips and will make an over-body strap for it too. Then it’ll be perfect.
However, it’s still not the bag I need for everyday, so...

This is made without any pattern alterations.

I wasn’t fond of the image here, so cut it upside down.
 Fantastic old zip from the vaults. same with the yellow one below, which is gorgeous on the fleshy pink silk. Before you congratulate me on my thrift, I must confess that I’ve spent a lot on some heavy metal zips for the bags I want to make next.