Monday, September 24, 2018

Survived another stint at the Melbourne Show. Sore neck/back/feet...
Again, the little children were the biggest participants... although there were loads of grown-ups wanting to try rug making or chat about crafts in general. It's very warming and the best conduit for friendliness. It's good to share a passion, a history, an addiction (and a benevolent one at that).
Young George spent some time experimenting with his methods, grinning all the while. I handed out a few ready-cut scraps which got scrunched up in his warm fist and shoved in his pocket with probably some string and a frog. Soo cute.
At least two grandfathers/husband's had their internal woodworking hats on and casually accepted the task of making frames or turning tools for their wimmin. So easy-peasy they could just spit on the ground to prove it. Ha ha ha!
One of my earliest childhood friends came by (Rhonda Looney) and it was so nice to see her I could have cried! I think we had little tears in the corners of our eyes. Ronnie wants to come to rug group, which will be a pleasure all round. Can't wait.
Big love to Betty La, Jon and my own Gumbo who all helped loads, morally and physically. Except when the One True got lost because he Can't See For ****ing Looking!