Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009


I must look this guys name up.

Rob Ryan

Elsita again.

I've gone mad on Paper Cutting and have followed degins from the from the best in the craft. I have had so much fun. I can only say thankyou to Elsa More (Elsita) for her amazing talent. I have learnt so much by copying her. I did think that, being cheeky, I shouldn't publish these pics on my blog, but then one always studies the masters to learn one's trade. Now I intend to draw some of my own. Thanks Elsita.
Compared to embroidery, these are so quick!

This is from a photo on the net somewhere. Jadey loves his bike. I was running out of time and feel that it is a bit lacking, compared to the others, although Jadey likes it and thinks it's cool.