Saturday, February 27, 2010

Worth A Try At Least

I'm making a jacket. I've made this one before... it's gorgeous. I traced a copy of the pattern from a 'Lush' jacket I bought years ago. Naughtiness! Anyway, it has a contrast inside the cuffs, which are over-long and can be folded up, or noticed as a peek. I started to weave a Houndstooth, or I started the samples of colour. But, Nah! So I pulled out my two chocker boxes of wool, tipped them upside down, and pulled out everything that looked good. This orange is THE ONE. I looked everywhere today (well, Spotters anyway) and then did a Google to fine Marta's Yarns, who still do the colour!!! Yay!!! The intention is to knit a cable pattern. Yum Yum...
Stay tuned.

Too Much Fun At Grandma's

Or is that at Grammy's? The name has evolved without my input. We made cup cakes which were iced with experimental colours, added sprinkles liberally to the whole kitchen and beyond, made necklaces and bracelets, went to the op shop for treats, had cups of tea (ish) outside with a tray and proper cups and saucers and a little jug of milk and a tea strainer. It was too much fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tne Nicholson Building Is GOOD!

I used to buy (wholesale) jewellery on the 6th floor, at Accent... but I didn't know until now that it's one of the funnest buildings in Melbourne! Thankyou Janet, mysterious knitting friend on the train.
Corner of Swanston and Flinders Lane, then into the arcade and up the lifts. And the lifts are another story.. (gotta go).
Buttonmania. On the second floor, get out of the lift and turn right then right (immediately).The lady there spent at least 20 minutes saying, "Hang on, let's have a look at this..." until we narrowed it down to the best choice. So nice and interested and lovely and terribly, terribly helpful. And the lady does covered buttons and belts, so I'll be back.
And next door to this marvel of shops...
stay tuned, I have to find out it's name... IT'S MARCHE ROUGE...