Monday, January 29, 2007

The Newest Little Darling Blossom Pie In My Family

I have to share my exquisitely perfectly amazingly fantastic news... My darling daughter Ruby has given birth by Caesarian Section to a tiny little blossom, Mercedes Ruby (already known as Sadie). 7lb, pretty, sweet, kindhearted (you can tell) and edible. I am completely besotted with both of them, and proud of my darlingest grandson for his (also) overwhelming adoration and big-brotherliness. And Dad who's so cute and who shared the experience with me and let me hold his hand. Born 25.01.2007 at 4.25pm. She is 2hrs old in these photo's.
I had to give her the Happy Bunny Baby Quilt. And coincidentally. Ruby had chosen these exact colours for the Nursery. Ha!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

This Is The Back Of One Of The Wagga's

I sold the wagga, but the buyer didn't like the back and had it replaced. Fine by me, since I doubt I'll ever find more of the flour sacks.

The back is put together using the Wagga Lilly bags, a couple of Silver Starch bags someone gave me and old fabric (much of which is perished and needs patching). The pieces are sewn by machine, then the seams Feather stitched. I like the pieced backs and will probably never again have only one fabric to cover the whole back, especially as I like to use vintage clothes so the pieces are smaller.

I made this Wagga when my fella and I were first together. It was the first thing he saw me make... you know... followed the process from beginning to completion. I know it impressed him because he told me so, so I wrote a snippet of Robert Burns on the back for him. Problem is, he's allergic to wool and so I couldn't use it! Ha ha ha!