Monday, July 08, 2019

Going For Gold This Month!

We are having two Rug Day get togethers this month. Ha ha ha! It comes from not being able to accommodate everyone and then Anne kindly jumped in and said she didn't mind hosting two. We'll meet on this Saturday 13th July and the 27th of July at Warrandyte. I might be able to get my Footy Rug finished so I can go back to my big Uzbeki style rug (I'm always doing way too many things at once).
If you are interested in coming along, email me at or message/call 0410876096. If you call, leave a message if I don't answer or I'll think you are spam!
We've only just had a lovely day at Anne Marie's new place too, so the keen-ness is showing. That's because it's so enjoyable and the company is good!
Old rug I bought 25 years ago.
Another by the same woman. Her husband had heaps of them at St. Andrew's market one day and I bought four. Crimpelene, for the most part.
Joy working on her stair rugs. You can see her small oil painting in the background. 

Two rugs of mine, vying for attention amongst the knitting, the embroidering, the dressmaking and Oh, the working and cleaning.