Monday, July 16, 2012

My New Jacket That Wasn't Meant To Be At All Like The Old Jacket, But Is.

Not quite finished. I've had to change the back pleat because it sat badly over my lusciously ample bottom. I'll show you the back when it's done. Every panel is interfaced. The front and collar pieces are with horse-hair for solidity.
It's a proper, solid, warm jacket. Way more curvy on than on the hanger. The pattern is a mixture with a bit of fudging as well. I'm over raglan jackets for now though. Two is enough.

Breast pocket

Pad stitching on under collar.

This lining could not be more perfect. It's silk and all. From Vic Market in Melbourne.

I quilted the sleeve lining, using an iron-on vellum. The reason being that I decided to interface all of the pieces, but had already made up the sleeve pockets. So this seemed a good solution. I had an amazing German, leather coat which had quilted lining in the sleeves so...

The cuffs are quite long. Don't tell me you're not impressed with the bound buttonholes! And self-covered buttons to boot! It was going to be very busy if I wasn't careful. Loads of pockets and buttons. It had to be and I admit to Nerd-dom when it comes to fussing with detail. I used Buttonmania to do the buttons, in the darling favourite Nicholas Building in Swanson Street Melbourne.

Look at that shot lining! It's Gorgeous!

There's more to show. An inside ticket-slash-secret pocket... also secret sleeve pockets with LUVVERLY linings... and the back almost resplendant with band and pleat. Gotta figure out how to sew the lining down to the pleat area, but I'm hoping it will reveal itself when I get there (and posting this is stopping me).
The fabric was a steal from the now defunct Job Warehouse in Bourke Street. R.I.P. you old buggers! Thanks for the memories!