Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm So Excited!

There is an article in the latest Quilter's Newsletter, about my quilt! It's very exciting as, I (alone in the whole Pacific!) discovered this magazine in the late 70's before the quilting craze made it all available here (in Oz). Pretty sure I was the first in my neck of the woods at least!
That's what comes of growing up with 'McCall's Needlework & Craft Magazine', you see all of this great stuff. The ads were as good as the articles, with all of that modern American bling you could buy.
So when I came to putting my crazy patches together with the fans, and saw it to be way too busy, I dug out the old QNM's and saw one with a border that I employed to seperate the two sections. In fact the whole of this quilt is familiar, even though I came at mine (in the beginning) as a Grandmother's Fans quilt and added the crazy centre. It's an appealing medium, the crazy.
Thank You, wonderful anonymous embroiderer extroirdinaire of 1884!
The article on the link is great too, and all of the pictures. My copy is old and tattered and extremely well loved.

So, Kim at l'uccello's is putting my new classes up on her blog on Wednesday or Thursday (16th-17th May), so if you're interested in being terribly pampered while taking some classes, have a look at her blog or pop into the shop. luccello's a pure hit of visual and tactile delight and I'm really pleased as punch to be teaching there. It's great fun.
I'll post more too. There will be a few options...

Details of Claire's Ceylon Stitch Pants Man, a secret birthday pressie.