Monday, October 13, 2008


My bowl of heads has a new friend. One of Mum's faces/heads. Very typically hers. The eyes.
I've had such a ridiculously busy week that there was a day I didn't think of her and when I realised I was overwhelmed with sadness. It's too sad.

Made By My Grandma

Found at Mum's. I remember her making these, even this one in particular. I loved it. All the little yo-yo's... Grandma tried everything.

Wandin Op Shop

I couldn't believe my eyes, and it was last Sunday so I had to write a note to remind Dad. Fortunatley I know one of the ladies who work there and she helped in my scheme to get these. Shocking photo huh? I really should try harder.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Card I Made For Nice Birthday Boy

With handy hints on the inside.
I'm intending to make some to sell, and other product too. Watch this space. This one was made quickly and the paper to write on (where the Superman comic bit is) would be bigger and better placed.

I plucked out a few naughty pages for the inside.

Honey Joy Joy

My daughter's boyfriend made these for my fella's birthday. R for Ross. You can see the humungous size by the baking dish!! Funny. We ate it all after we'd eaten far too much other stuff and the sugar was coursing uncomfortably through our veins all night. Cake, lollies, cake, hiney-joys, chocolate and roast. Hmm Mmm!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

This Is What I've Been Doing Lately

Just put in an application for exhibition space at Craft Victoria. Wouldn't be until late next year even if I do get a possie. Give me time to complete the list. Here's the first dress though. I've been holding out on you... you know... 'Do I show the work for the show or do I keep it under wraps?' But it's just my gals looking here. It's not the general public, just specific friendly, nice types.
I was making this while I looked after Mum and after.
I'm making a life sized wedding dress, so if anyone's divorced and wants to donate their wedding cards (not for irony's sake, but you'll want to keep them otherwise)... let me know and I'll gladly pay for postage and your effort. A woman at work gave me these birth cards from her daughters and son. This is all from one of them, one of the daughters, with children's book illustrations featured on each panel and bits of the story to make stripes. Inside is the poems from the cards and bits from the books. Size 5 for dicephalys twins.
One down, three more to go!
P.S. Don't tell huh? I should be keeping a little mystery...
Update HERE.