Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I made my son Rob a Wagga (blanket) for his 21st. It almost completely perished in a house fire and I stashed the remnants, years ago. Just now, or last December at his birthday, I had the idea to cover a skateboard and this was the perfect thing to do it with. I thought. I thought he'd be overcome with emotion and I'd have to lend him my hanky (even if it was a Crinoline Lady embroidered vintage hanky that I'd want back). But he laughed and laughed and was quite pleased instead.
The pieces are stitched in situ.
The flames went over the whole piece. Being wool, it resisted burning, but some of it is quite scorched and one flower is well burnt. 

The daffodil is thick and highly Trapunoed and worked in detached buttonhole.

This tweed sunflower was burnt almost all away. I had to carefull stitch through the embers.

1997 is the year the boy turned 21.

The original Wagga.

Sadly missed. Go here for the original story.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ruffle My Feathers Shawl

I just had to buy this wool from Morris & Sons in Melbourne. So gorgeous! It has great reviews and will be perfect for my bus-waiting experiences. Quick to knit too (10ply). I know I'm a little bit naughty for beginning a new project, but hang it all it's my birthday today, so there. I bought the wool because it was nearly my birthday and I need a wrap. Anyhow, I'm talking nonsense, because I don't feel in the slightest guilty. I love Feather and Fan, or Old Shale designs.
The pink is amazing. Unfortunately, I just saw a grey and chartreuse wrap on Ravelry and may feel compelled to buy the chartreuse, which I wanted in any case.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Garden June 2014

Blueberries, Thyme and Hmmm... what's the ground cover?? My Christmas Shed.

Artichoke's, Chamomile walk.

Artichokes are amazing! And tasty. Can't wait till they flower too.

Base for the tank.


 Looking good huh.