Saturday, February 12, 2011

The One True At Work Doing His Thang

We realised that this is OUR place, and as such, we can do just as we please. We both like little groovy details and we both like restraint, so I think we'll get a good mix of straight lines and the occasional silliness. This scroll has had about six or so colour changes so far... Hmmm... looking like this original yellow after all that. A hedge will abut the outside of this so it'll really be visible mostly on the inside, step edge. That'll tone it down. But, it's the entrance, so it's good.

Jet's Ripple Blanky

Here is the Ripple blanket, finished. I was going to say, at last, but it didn't take so long at all. I like it... it's dark (good for pram etc.) but if I did it again I'd do it a brighter colour. Like in the link I've given you.