Monday, April 13, 2009

Jaden's Pirate

I can feel a ne Pot Holder coming on. The little boy is 9!! Well, on Thursday, but we're having cake tonight.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lucy Ellen and Mary Ellen

I'm in love with Mary at the moment (on the right). I can't remember if I've told you about her, excepting for the fall into the lift well business. Anyway, I've found out where she's buried. She's in Sydney's Rockwood Cemetery, Section 6, Grave 906. I got a bit teary when my query was answered. Was she alone up there? What was she doing? I want to know. I'm on holidays (of sorts) for a couple of weeks (interrupted by my course on Wednesdays)... and I intend to look at the newspaper archives from the times, and inquests?
My Nanna (my great grandmother) is standing behind Grandma, the little scamp who can't stay still enough for a photo.
This is the collar and one of the cuffs that Mary made. The collar is quite large, 35cm across. Made of silk rouleau with silk faggoting (awful name I know). I wore it a couple of times in the 80's but they're not my colours. I completely love Mary's clothes. It's exactly the style I want to wear.