Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sunday at Buda in Castlemaine

Anne and I spent a warm day at Buda yesterday, talking to people and demonstrating our rug making.
I managed to get some bad photo's of the rugs inside the old homestead. The tour of the house was taken by an Enthusiast of the history and she described a family of largely unmarried girls who were encouraged and educated in anything they fancied and led a very adventurous life. It's worth a read here, and definitely worth the tour, although I'd like to go back and look at my leisure (knowing the story). The whole place, inside and out, has been donated to the Castlemaine Art Gallery, which also hold a fabulous collection and is worth a visit.
These Hooked Rugs are made on the old latch-hook canvas (which is so much harder to use than hessian or linen). A lady did a demonstration in the garden but we had to admit it was hard not to butt in! It was suggested you Must Put Latex or Thinned Glue on the Back to keep it together! Exclamation Mark! We politely didn't say anything and at least there was a bit of interest.
She did use a latch-hook with the latch sticky-taped shut, which isn't a bad idea and they are easily found in op shops. 

But I wanted to say how much Cheaper and Easier it is to work on hessian. And they don't fall apart. And come inside and look at ours!
Here I am working on the footy rug.
Anne with her newest proddy, started for the show (I think).
This one was behind a cabinet and in shadow. I really like it! 


I was thinking of driving up there anytime from Friday to Tuesday (not working because of the trains/bus delays). But not Saturday because the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society's Annual Show is on at Collector's Corner. 
So tell me if you're going up and we'll go together?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Garden November 2017. The Crevice Garden

The crevice garden and crazy paved patio. Luvverly!
A swamp area for carnivore's. Soon to be more.

Rhododendron Nutelii

Bye Bye Dennis

Even the street doesn't look the same with the brand new concrete guttering. We no longer have a part in the old place.

So shiny underneath that dust and grime. I guess when Dad bought it, it looked like this.

Now it becomes part of someone else's story.