Thursday, February 04, 2016

New Antique Anniversary Cushion

I made the main of this many years ago, but it got a little worn and tired, so has been in my shelf for unfinished embroideries for some time.
Pulling it out over Christmas (New Year exuberance) I cut it into an oval, added the selvage from some amazing, shot silk lining (with the fluffy green) over the original grey rayon ribbon, stitched our initials (RM) in the cameo (instead of the old button which had come off), gathered a border of some very old, gorgeous metallic/silk cloth my friend's Mum gave me (and which I use all over the place), the green braid (from a case of braids, fringes and cords my Grandma gave me a long time ago), backed it all with a lovely pink velvet (Rule No. 1: All Cushions Will Have A Velvet Back), made and stuffed a Kapok insert and VOILA!
Happy 17th Anniversary Honey Bunch!!
Just don't sit on it.