Tuesday, March 31, 2009

George & Lucy, 16th January 1907, Fitzroy

My Great-grandparents. Nanna died when I was about 8 and Dah died when my Mum was 10 so way before I entered stage left. He was gorgeous, apparently. Nanna was a little bit scary. Ridiculously independent. Bossy. She lived with Grandma sometime after George died. When my brother was a baby, if Mum or Dad told him off, Nanna would pick him up and tell him it was alright, then tell Mum and Dad off. Naughtiness!
I just bought their wedding certificate. If you take the registration number, it costs $17.50 and if they have to search it's $27.50. I mistakenly put Grandma's wedding year, but the correct reg. number, and the girl had to search for maybe 3 minutes (max) to discover my mistake and charged me $27.50 because she'd done a search!! I won't make that mistake again!
He lived until he was 64 and she 86. On the certificate, you find their mothers' maiden names. I knew Nanna's, but now I know the other (Elizabeth Shields).

"Bella" Collograph

Sixth Picture In The Sixth Folder (At Work, Anyway. Be different at home)
I want to play too!
Now I have to ask 6 people, but you can just take it on board if you like.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Late, I'm Tired, The Photo Is Out Of Focus

But you get the idea. The other one is done too...

The binding is from an old pair of boy's shorty pjama's. I've used them is so many things, I though they deserved to have the tag used as a thanks, of sorts. Endeavour.

It's still wet, by the way, from washing off the pencil marks (with a soaped-up toothbrush).

Here's the otherey. I scanned it and it (the program that I never use) decided to crop it and I'm too too tired to do it again properly. Sorry folks! I'm busting to do the next one now, but, I'd better knuckle down and study for now. Cert IV in Training & Assessment. Or, How to Bore Yourself to DEATH in 12 Easy Lessons.
P.S. Same exact template for the face.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Corners Of My Home

I look at this corner a lot. You can see the curtains through the hole in the wall. You can also see how the house needs re-blocking... and it will happen.

Playing Ninja

Step One for the binding.

I've left it uncropped in case you want to print it out... the size should be right. Not that it matters. This is for the previous one, obviously.

Don't Tell My Kids

These are what I do when I have nothing planned. On the train etc. Gap fillers. I'm doing the kids a few each and then us some more too. I got some cheap bamboo from Spotters. Well, then I bought some at normal price... I s'pose they cost about $2.50 or so each at normal rates. I love using them. I love using stuff I've made (Or someone else has made).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nearly Finished.

My fave.
Just have to choose a binding.

These pics are scans so they're not as nice as photo's. But it's late and dark... I'll get to it (I always say that).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Edible Child 2

And the kitchen is clean so I don't mind showing you. This is a little while ago but her cheeks are still rosy. I made that apron for her to play in but really, I have to put it on, she's not that fussed.

Progressive Observations Of The Mouth

Can't decide whether or not to use it otherwise than as a potholder???

Now I notice mouths. How many teeth show when a person laughs. How many show when the grimace. How many teeth and how much of them. Kerri-Anne had the whole top row showing and then just a few off to one side of the lowers, not the middle but most of the side teeth. I'll have to draw it while its fresh.
More teeth than the last photo.

And No, I don't usually watch Kerri-Anne, but I have to go the accountant and do last years tax today. Why I didn't make an appointment last year and therefore have to organise myself as I have today (at the last minute), I don't know. But it's a lovely autumnal day and a pleasure to be home. I've light-boxed the recipe for MY birthday cake, the one Mum almost always made me, in her handwriting, onto the Grandma Curtains. It completes the curtains. I had to take them down because of the fire threat, one of the things to take, and so now is the acceptable time to do it. I lazily hadn't attached the lining to the top either, as in just catch it here and there down the sides so it doesn't fold out, so it's a good thing.

The light box clenched my choice of a man. His rich dowery. Worthy of a lifetime committment.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Nearly Wet Herself Laughing

This is how it'd done you see. Easy Peasy. I'll try to find my sketch... I think I gave my only drawing to Betty (my daughter Claire) and cut up the copy... I'll go have a squiz while I'm waiting for the pictures to upload...
Nah, it's gone. But you can just use this picture here if you're inclined to make one.
I embroidered the teeth this time. I like the felt teeth but it wouldn't have suited this girl. Oh, and contrary to my nature I have used FRAYSTOPPER. It's a stinky, glue-type substance that Mum had (for doll making it's very useful, on fingers) and it makes the wool behave. It's brilliant actually, and I'm not any kind of gadget lover. I used it on the edging of a jacket I made (a copy) that had raw edges. I've had the jacket for years and it doesn't fray.
So, you can see that the eyes are done in a Reverse Applique method. The extra felt gives the stitching for the nose, chin and under the eyes a quilted look. Dimension. Texture.
For the tears of laughter, I did a little outline in Stem stitch before working the Satin. It makes a lot of difference.
When I do the binding I'll post the pictures so you can see how easy it is.
Just looking at the picture of Sadie, I'll have to copy her laugh...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pot Holder Brigade Marches On.

The one true says they creep him out, but I don't understand why. I'll post some drawings so anyone can have a go. These are Mark II as you see, with an inside in which to put your hand, like a mitten.

Baby Mae

Woollen Blankets etc. Cotton T-Shirting back.
1.2m square.
You know, these just don't take very long. I started it Monday (public holiday), had visitors for quite a while and for dinner etc... no bother, then finished it off at a leisurely pace after work last night in front of the tele. Easy peasy! Now I'm fired up to make everyone one. I haven't even made one for my baby yet, nor all of the kiddies.
I have a PILE of my darling Mumma's clothes here and am about to get going, incorporating them for my kiddies. This year is handmade year. I got so much pleasure giving the boxes for Christmas that I'm on a mission! Knitted facewashers are coming off the production line at an alarming rate. I've just been too slack to post everything!