Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She's Done!

Just have to stitch a border now, then block it to straighten it up. Very excited! It says on the back of the pattern that I started in June 2010! Surely not! It has had long gaps of inaction, but a year seems ridiculous.

Go to my Etsy if you want the pattern!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Want To Make A Bust Like These

Rachel Denny (above)

We have some beautiful horns at home. Various goats, I think. We also have a few skulls. A bear skull from the Op Shop. $5 because nobody wanted it. I may paint it pink, although I may not too. I had a book out of the library, on Dr Suess's busts, and since then I've had a hankering. Now that we're really getting into the renovations (although we're starting in the garden), I'm keen to get a wiggle on on the house stuff. I write countless lists...
Lounge Room: Bee Cushion (tick), Mme Riviere (almost... tick), 2 large square cushions, 2 small rectangular cushions and one oval cushion, Shell Covered Letters (tick), Shell Covered Lamp with Birch Bark Shade (almost tick and I'll show you as soon as it's done), Rag Rug for under or in front of the Chaise, Bust with Goats Horns...

3 Rag Rugs, Heavy White Damask Monogrammed Sheet set, 2 Doona Covers (one from old table cloths), Bayeux Style Embroidery of Family Tea (or should that be for the kitchen/dining room?), Duck Doiley Set, Finish the freaking Red Quilt! etc...
Kiddie's Room:
Ship Rag or Tapestry Rug, Wagga...

Ad infinitum.