Friday, December 26, 2008

Duck Overalls In Situ

Above: My favourite photo. Out of focus but captures the girl absolutely.

Saide and No.1 daughter (Aunty Claire).

I waited until Christmas for full impact... and they just fit! Well... they fit perfectly, but not for long.
I can see that I ought to have crossed the straps over at the back, and they'll need to be clasped together to stop them falling off her little pink shoulders.
Getting the photo was a challenge, as you can see, and this was the absolute best we could do. You can also see the scale of the larger bean bags although its just his legs poking out of the Stubbies available to the eye, and the bean bag is scrunched up to make a head rest.
Ross (my one true) was the man of the moment with Sadie. Mr Fix It (or Mr Undo The Wrapping). The beard didn't whack its usual punch. More important things were at stake.

The Bean Bag Trip

Too much excitement and there may have been an incident where little boy was smothered with another bean bag and large uncle. And too much cake. I have to tell you that little boy was unable to maintain this face for more than ten seconds before dissolving into giggles.

An embarrassment of riches.

All I can say is, thank goodness we have a ute! Again! The kids had fun taking them home... entire back seats were swallowed up in the move. Small children were sacrificed. One is still missing.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hastily Scanned Moose Facewasher

But lovely to use. This is Sirdar Luxury Soft 100% cotton. I think it'll last well. It should too because it's something like $8 a ball. I reckon to get three out of two balls. Here's the pattern!
P.S. I added the crocheted edge all by myself without it being in the pattern.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Step Son Likes To Go To The Gym

So Charles Atlas seemed appropriate.
And I have to add that Anthony is looking buff! Beautiful like his father.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas And That

Just print, fold, fold again, pinch your work's highlighters and colour in, write who it's to and who it's from, and give it to your friend/person of interest. Or, write to you from ME! With Love.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anotherie. One For My Son

The inside is a beautiful, soft, Chinese paper I bought in Chinatown. It's one of my favourite shops. It's an Art Supplies and Dry Cleaners somewhere near the top of Little Bourke Street in Melbourne. I've used the cover of the Yellow Pages in between, since the papers were so fine. Compliments of work (they don't know yet but won't care, if it helps my projects).

Fancy finding a comic with his name in it? Sort of his name-ish. Good enough.

I finished Ruby's as well, but didn't like the lid, so I'm doing another. This is the first one (previous post) with the button and fastener completed.
The only thing I bought for these was the pale blue cotton and the plastic. Not bad hey? At this rate the stash will be gone in no time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hanky Box For Christmas Pressie

One each for my daughters, similar. I'll show you the other when it's finished... Then a Zombie-type monster one for my lad. The idea was that we have my Mum's hankies, and I wanted to make a special box for my girls for them, but I've bought a stack of pretty hankies to fill them. I love them, they're so Grandma-ish! Not my Grandma, who did everything but, but a generic, loving, warm, good-cake-making Grandma everyone wants spiritually.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Rachel Denny

Rachel Denny. Thanks Shula, for showing her work on your Mosaic Monday.
I desperatley want one. The blue one in fact, although any would make me happy.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Details For A Friend Who Wants To Make One

It's over here. Photographed and uploaded ad infinitum, it seemed.
Feel free to use the pattern, not for commercial use of course.

This Crazy Mess Is Nearly Another Bean Bag

I had to lay the pieces out to organise some kind of idea of how it will look and to choose the order of the sections, and now they're together and I'm pinning in the bottom, which is the very worst bit. It's taken me nearly a whole day if I stick yesterday arvo and this morning together. My long-suffering sewing room is a mess. My long-suffering back and neck aren't too happy either.
The really spooky thing is, in spite of the size of the thing I seem to have just as much fabric in my shelves as I did before, like an amazing Magic Pudding fabric supply that will haunt my children and grandchildren when they have to do something with it after my (untimely) demise.
I've decided against making an inner casing this time. One: It's too much work and I'm exhausted and Two: You have to empty the whole thing out to get the top off to wash it anyway. Yes yes, I did imagine that I could (Three:) put an opening that went across the base and all the way up one side, to be fastened with the mighty new Studs, but fer f#!!***'s sake, that's a big job and I haven't the right colour studs.
Anyway folks, it's looking good. I have to get a ton of beads and have found a reasonable place (I haven't contacted them yet but)... thank goodness we have a ute.

P.S. I got onto Auspod Styrene Industries and they seem OK.

Monday, December 01, 2008

One Down, One To Go

It has a calico lining (muslin for all of you foreigners), both with zips.
I did something very dumb... I filled the lining (casing) with the three bags of beads (a lot don't you think?) and then thought, Oh! There's no way I could get the bag over the filled casing. One must tuck the lining inside the outer before filling with beads, otherwise you can't get it in. Obviously!
I'd felt a bit smug because they say (on the packet) to do the deed in a dry bathtub so the beads don't get away, but I filled the casing without losing more than three on the rug. However, getting them out and back into the plastic bags was not so easy.
But, it's finished. This is for my grandson for Christmas and now I have to begin Sadie's. I'm making it the same size, not a baby one. She'll work it out.
P.S. (Note Shules) this part at the back of the house has clear varnish on the floors. Check out where we divided the two areas, since you're hard at it.
And here's the Bean Bag link again.
P.S.S. I proudly showed the One True when he got home and he thinks it looks like an aged hippy's bean bag, and it's not a compliment either! I thought it looked like a nice little boy's bean bag. I thought I should run out and buy appropriately boyish colours like red and black and blue but remembered just in time that this was a 'using up some fabric' last minute Christmas idea.

Thanks Yvonne & Aaron!

I've finally finished the baby's overalls. My friends are making their own nappies for a little blossom that's yet to arrive, and have bought a Press extrordinaire and associated press-studs.

I'm so impressed! They look a treat and won't hurt my little angel if she falls over. And easy! I'm willing to make buttonholes and to sew on buttons because you have to, but they're clumsy and they fall off etc etc... I'm a convert and will be indulging the friendship to make my promised doona covers.

Dress for Monozygotic Twin. Still Unfinished Remember

The Cat Dress.

Back view with peek in sleeve and side opening, as yet unbuttoned and edge unfinished..

Looking toward the neck hole. Up. Inside.

Peeking up the skirt. The hem will be finished with a nice crocheted edge.

Nice fabric on the chaise huh? I went stupid and had it covered in hand loomed silk, French no less. It's such a beautiful piece, it deserved it.