Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

Up near Hall's Gap, 28 years old... I remember thinking I was fat at the time! If only I knew how much I wasn't...
Always shy in front of a camera.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandma & Dah (Phyllis Lucy and Ronald) & Their Daughter Judith (Me Mum)

My favourite photo of Mum

The lovebirds at the beach. While they were courting.

I finished the curtain today... and almost finished the red felt cushion. Stay tune...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fancy Dress, Yackandandah, 1960-61

Mum was about 27-8. There were always lots of fancy-dress do's in the old days. We used to win too, because my other Grandma was a tailor and loved to make fun stuff. This is next to my Granny and Gramps's pub (The Star Hotel) in Yackandandah. Bomba there is actually my brother Glenn.
I left my virginity up there somewhere. Lovely town.

Ronald & Phyllis

My mother's parents, my sewing Grandma. This is before they married... so... I think she was 19 when they did and she was born in 1909...
Grandma died at 84 years old in 1993 and Dah died in1966. They had a big love thing going for the whole time and she never married again. Best buddies. Did everything together. Made stuff. Snogged in the hallway in front of the children. Luvverly.
I just got my scanner up and running!!! So exciting!!! You'll be inundated with (not even Friday) flashbacks. I've bought one good enough to do all of Dad's slides on too. Yay!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Chosen One's For My Sewing Room Curtains

I was looking for fabric at Spotters when I thought to myself, why buy some trashy 'it'll do' fabric when I have everything I need and love at home? So I'm going to do the 'Wrapping Cloth', 'Back of the Wagga's' type of curtains. I could use some of the kiddies stuff... but it doesn't seem quite right. The room, for some reason, reminds me so much of my Grandma, that I want to embroider some herness into the fabric. For example, I found a note when I helped to clean out her house after she died... it said:
cat food
I wasn't able to throw it out because of the handwriting.
It's funny how something seems like the right and neccessary thing to do isn't it? I can never figure out why, I just go with the flow.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My One True Found These...

Have a geek, and please, go through the drop-down menu...
My fave is...
actually I can't decide.

Belated Valentine?

Or for no reason at all...
(You need to click on little girl)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Curtain For The Kiddie's Room

Also known as the shippy room or the ship's cabin, on account of how it's a cute and compact room... and because the kiddie's room at the van was filled with old fishing rods and ships made of bone or shell or whatever and we want to emulate it. I have some amazing shippy bark-cloth that I intended to use, but it disintegrated when I washed it. A bit. Still useful for something...
Anyway, this was something my Grandma gave me. I thought she'd said it was Teddy's (my Mum's little brother (b. 1941), but Mum saw it the other day and said she thought it was her Dad's. When he was little.
Anyway, it was a banner and I've taken off the dodgy fringe and am in the process of appliqueing it to some VERY old ticking to make the curtain.
It sort of looks like Grandma's work, if she was younger. Older, she didn't bother to finish things very neatly... but there are similarities. I'll have to ask Teddy bear.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


The lads are standing where a frightening patch of blackberries was. Very big patch and rather delicious. But gone now. Mine is the one with the beard.
The beard is gaining Ned Kelly proportions. By that I mean it is wide and curly and thick. It's something he's never done before (grow a beard). Thought I'd share that with you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Wanted It Bad

But sometimes you just have to let things go. A ventriloquist's dummy. It hurts that it's not here, but at least I have the photo's. It would have been another doll the kids refused to have in the bedroom.
Congratuations to the person who got it, and sweet dreams.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Aaron & Yvonne Gave This To Us

They found a stack of moulds for concrete garden ornaments and planters in the hard-rubbish. There's a mexican-with-a-donkey planter too and a whole lot of other stuff. Fake log planter...

My Room Is Almost Ready

It's the nicest room ever. Look at the view (of next door) I am forced to see as I (potentially) sit at my (favourite) red table and sew with my faithful sewing machine and (happy tra la la) overlocker. JUST LOOK AT IT WILL YOU!! The rhododendron is directly outside the window and there's dappled light and little birds and EVERYTHING!

I have so many plastic storage containers it would be embarrasing if I was that type, but as it is, I love looking at them and planning and planning and planning.

But... I never have to use it really, because I can just look at it.

The plan press and the stack of wire drawers will be in the 'library' when the house is finished. Although I'll have to put these two drawers of pretty pretties somewhere else... Hmmm...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Morning From Me!

I'm at work, which means I have no access to my camera or photo's of the house... and we've done so much! My sewing room has beautiful clear plastic boxes to the ceiling. Almost to the ceiling. At least as high as I can reach. Of course one always wants the bottom box but I can cope with that. Even if I never do another stitch I will be delighted with being surrounded by such potential. And of course I will do many more stitches.

The nearest and dearest is putting up another shelf today, just for me, so I can store the last of The Stuff. The stuffing to be precise. The feather/sponge mix; the pure feather; the polyester and the kapok. All labelled neatly in recycled bags left over from packing.

I have sorted the 'I don't know where to put it so I'll throw it in this basket' basket. You all understand the amazing sense of freedom and lightness that comes with having done that!

We went to pick up the ply for the rest of the book boxes, but they'd missed half of the cutting list, so that (the last thing to be done to move in and unpack properly) will take another week. But then, the verandah will be empty and I can sit out there and finish my red plain cloth quilt like an old fashioned Grandma, on our lovely Ross-made chairs.
And... I folded the washing!


Friday, February 01, 2008

I Don't Mean To Gloat... But...

It's so pretty here. I took these in the near-dark while I was waiting for the bus to go to work. The sheep watch you walk past and murmer to each other... nice dress... what's she looking at... etc. Peace and quiet before the onslaught.