Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sending Out Across The Universe

I simply must make one or two of these. Does anyone have a pattern that I could swap for or beg or pay money for??? Or better still, does anyone have one already made that I could swap for or beg or pay money for???

Just after my Dah (grandfather) died... the man with whom my Grandma did everything... they cuddled and made things and had a big love together... she got a poodle she named Pierre. The dog got a lot of affection and was thoroughly spoiled, naturally.
Grandma made anything poodle. She crocheted stacks of these things. Bought little poodle things... cards, whatever.
The dog disappeared one day. It was old and blind by now and probably wandered away but she was sure it was stolen. Of course the suburb wasn't what it used to be (Moonee Ponds).
Anyway, seeing the film today created a hole in my heart that cannot any longer be filled by Grandma, but can be filled (as substitution/as reminder) by a crocheted poodle bottle cover.
??? I'll pay handsomely. Cards, patterns, other pattern, other other patterns or money...???
A link would make me happy although I've been looking (when I should be undercoating the house).
I s'pose I could figure it out heh?

'No Country For Old Men' By Those Good Old Cohen Brothers

Went To The Pictures Today (Boxing Day). Seems to be a bit of a tradition. We saw the new Cohen brother's film "No Country For Old Men'. I love the Cohen brothers but I think they need a big hug.
Great film though, in a freak-out, palm-sweating, can't-go-for-a-wee-because-you-might-miss-something-even-though-you're-busting kind of a way. I'm lying (for effect) though because I did sneak out but I ran there and back.
It's bleak, to put it mildly. Tommy-Lee is gorgeous as usual. He plays a disillusioned sheriff trying to find and save a hunter-guy who's stumbled upon something bigger than he can deal with but doesn't know it.
Psychopaths are bewildering, and as I walked out of the cinema, I wondered if I really want to see anything about their wicked ways... but then again it was a good movie, full of the usual brilliant Cohen brothers' lines and detail. There was a crocheted poodle bottle cover like my Grandma used to make for starters. Everything in the sets is perfect. Every incidental character is perfect and I always love them for that. I think those brothers love people a lot. Regular people.
Later (that is... now) I've decided that it was terrific and they apparently had a lot of fun making the movie. And it IS a movie. Not real, so I can laugh inappropriately if I want to.
The movie reminded me a lot of Fargo... '"All this, and for what? Just a little bit of money..."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

To YOU from ME!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

I'd better scrub up the dunny before the family gets here!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Here We Go Here We Go Here We Go...

This picture makes the colour look prettier than it really is. You can't notice the hill in the floor nor see the sagging ceiling.
The kitchen. Again, the photo is more flattering than the reality (we both thought so) and we've already started with the undercoat which brightened it up no end. Eventually, you'll step through the place where the window now is to a new kitchen, and this area will be part of the pink lounge-room. My honeyest-bunch says the big room will be our 'Doing-Things' room. The Verb Room.
I finished work today, for nearly three weeks (Yay!) so things will zip along at an alarming rate now, just you wait and see.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jaden 2006

From a photo and my pencil, which tends to the morbid at times?? But I love big fat vegemite cheeks. I could say that it is an interpretation of his image.

Jaden's Wagga

I made this Wagga for my grandson. I began it while my daughter was pregnant and intended it for his birth. Then I thought, Oh Well, First Birthday... but when this too passed I kept quiet about the whole thing. Finally I finished it and gave it to him about eighteen months ago and of course it's too small for his bed. He's nearly eight.

The black woollen fabric comes from a coat of my Grandma's (his great-great grandma) and one of my own oldies. Grandma's bouccle has sadly run when we've washed it.
I haven't done any more of baby's.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You'll Be Sick Of These And Bored Before I Finish...

But it's my blog.

I'm covered in scratches and my muscles ache but it's all good! A full day with a chain saw does wonders! What was once a jungle is now sunny and lovely. Don't think we're vandals when it comes to the nature though... we'll make this beautiful, I assure you!
This is the 'before' shot of the driveway. The wisteria had joined the jasmine to join the feral buddleja's and anything else together into a mysterious but impassable and choked mass.
z The wooden gate there is next doors, but the posts behind were invisible.

And now there is something of a driveway! It's still small beginnings.

Today, we're off to the NGV to see the English painters. And Christmas shop. x

Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Can't Believe It Yet!

The Front Porch, which we will build in to be part of the bedroom/ loungeroom.

The view out the front.

This is our house. It's like a marriage without the frock! I made my love carry me over the thresh-hold, poor thing. But he did and we laughed. There was a garage sale up the road and we scored some windows and some cedar blinds too... bonus! Nice people as well. The General Store there is gorgeous. It's one of those old, dingy, messy, un-modern time-warp stores with a post office in the corner and (unwittingly) retro giftcards. The service is country paced and people chat and everyone knows everyone. I was happy there. I'm a local now. We both are.

Clancy Was Here

Echo's of the previous occupants. So cute!

Friday, December 07, 2007

It Is Done!

Settlement is settled, the signing is signed. The debt is entirely ours!
I'm still quaking in my pants after a last-half-hour's almost withdrawal on behalf of the buyers (of Tassie). Somehow, my Tassie Real Estate guy, whom previously I had had great confidence in, did not informed the buyers that there was still a tenant, albeit one who was leaving soon. So with a cheque in my hand and half an hour to go, I had to make 4,000 phone calls and try to help the situation... then wait at the office where settlements take place and see if the answer was YES! Which, 15 minutes late (and two seconds before the parties re-scheduled), it was.
Next, I had a message and had to ring my conveyencer back, to hear that it hadn't gone through! Luckily I was there to witness that she was wrong, or I would have freaked even further!
I've delivered four children and this seems another!