Monday, January 26, 2009

Secret Cave Near The Glenelg River

What an amazing place! So Aussie. Limestone cliffs and real caves with smoke stained walls after thousands of years of habitation.
We put an end to that though. Only took 200 years. Such recent memory and evidence in the countryside, it's a crying shame. Love Australiabut. You sure feel the beauty creeping in and touching all the corners after a week in the great outdoors.

Ross's Great-Great-Great Grandfather Built These

Carved by er, ah, um... forgotten his name for now but I'll find out.

Right now... Don McNaughton's (left) great grandfather and Ross's great-great grandfather were brothers. Peter and James respectively. They may have helped their father James to build this cottage (below), where they all lived. These distant cousins still manage to look alike. The same facial creases, Ross's disguised by hair. The same cute, shy little expressions. The same hands.

Bank, fence and stables at Portland, built by James McNaughton Snr.

My Contribution

Made with reeds from Lake Booraboora in the Grampians.

When you walk up from the carpark, you're confronted with the most amazing mountain range. It's astounding. And no other people! We spent the day paddling and drifting and it was 100% peaceful. I sat at the edge of a reed bed and tried out my new knowlege of multi-reed plaiting. Our only problem was jumping jacks, who each wanted to kill us and drag us back to their nest. Aggressive little buggers! They lost and we didn't get bitten.

The Ute, Or, Braveheart.

Which replaces The Van of old. A saga which continues, which grows in importance and dedication. For which nothing, nothing is too good. The obsessive focus, I am told, once finished here, will be transferred to renovating our home.
It's good to have a hobby. It's good to have a reason not to go away for the weekend... like... how could we possible go camping when the curtains for The Ute are not finished? Nor the cushions for The Ute not covered? It's inconcievable that this LONG WEEKEND should be enjoyed away without decorative completion.
So what have we done? You might wonder. We've procrastinated and watched a dozen or more episodes of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. But.. now... just as soon as I've finished here, I'm getting into the cushions.
P.S. I know what to give my love for a special pressie. A papier mache elks head (bust) for above the shelf. Ala Rachel Denny.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tagged! And My First Embroidery.

Cowgirls With Glasses tagged me, asking for 16 random facts about myself. Here they are:
1. I came third in open butterfly (olympic sized pool) when I was in year 7, against the whole school..

2. I am the only girl in my generation, out of four children (one brother and two boy cousins).

3. My first album was Ravi Shankar, from the local supermarket. I'd never heard of him before but the sitar was on The Beatles, so...

4. My first concert was Frank Zappa at The Tin Shed in Melbourne. I want everyone to know that. Too much (vain/ego).

5. I absolutely, overwhelmingly love swimming under water in rivers where it's silent except for muffled water noises.

6. I hold back until I have a good understanding of things.

7. I bite my fingernails, even though I know how disgusting it is.

8. I want to believe in Jesus still, and maybe I do and maybe I don't (I can't tell). But I want to. Even if I'm pretty sure that when you die you just die and that's it.

9. I love flashy costume jewellery.

10. I prefer talking to be a bit quiet first thing in the morning.

11. I am not a gadget lover. New machines sit there untouched until I really must use them (see No. 6).

12. I love coloured glass.

13. I am frugal and spendy at the same time.

14. I have a couple of regrets.

15. I am a size 10 shoe.

16. I feel successful because I make stuff.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back At Work

With no work to do... just sitting here at the computer. With a cold. Fugg. None of my holiday snaps at hand to upload and too tired (cold/fugg/toxic) when I get home.
I've gone mad looking at Mimi Kirchner's blog. Wow!! great dolls! I'm way back into the archives and thought I'd better add her to my Links List and tell everyone (if you don't know already).