Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Middles’ Christmas Jackets

Thank goodness they both fit, with ease to get through winter time, since I'd promised to make a replacement if they didn't. Jet (left) endured scathing temperatures to wear his for some time so I take that as a hit. When I decided to make them these denim-style jackets, the rest presented itself. The boys have such distinct styles and personalities it was fun to explore with that.

Jet's jacket is made from cotton duck in his mode-of-the-moment, cammo. He's completely (utterly) car mad so I glammed it up (in a manly way) with reflector tape, cut and folded to make piping. Also, for my interests sake and why not, I added a grey soft vinyl panel in the arms. Both the leather-look and the reflector tape don't stand out, then flash in the light. Noice! Subtle.

Leif's is pin-whale cord, very soft and a bit stretchy so won't have that stiffness cord can have. He's a softie-lover-extraordinaire (and a softie himself) and so fur fabric was a must for the collar. I hunted far and wide. I might make a bag with the leftovers, 70's style (shh, no promises, don't tell him yet). The cord and fur made piping a no-go. Too much. So I blinged it out on the lining. I also added a zip instead of studs for the front opening, avaitor style. This entailed adding a placket like you would for a fly opening. No small amount of thinking to do that as it's been a while since I made dacks!

You can't see the linings absolute fabulousness here at all. It's like a tarnished silver (as in, has a gold cast) wild satin, bought from an African dressmaking and fabric shop in Footscray. When I saw it I immediately thought it must be mine and would be brilliant. It's mixed with the (almost) last of an orange satin I made my own children clothes with (Leif's aunty Ruby). The inside back yoke is brown velvet. There's a blue stripe in the sleeve and a sliver at the bottom of the left front too. That fabric came from a swap I did with some people in Powelltown, when Rob (Leif's Dad) was a baby.

Jet's jackets lining is from an old 80's dress I found at the op shop. It was one of those awful strapless numbers with rucching at the bust. Ew! Really, really the worst of the 80's (I know, there were a lot of contenders). Way to glam it up, understated style though. It's a quality taffeta.
Both linings are backed with cotton wadding so they are very soft and will be really warm and cosy. Confirmed by Jet without prompting.

How gorgeous are these boys! Cousins. It was nice to immerse myself into their personalities all the while I was making their jackets. I can cuddle them from afar.
Kids clothes are great to make. You can be really playful, although you can anyway, for grown-ups I guess. I loved making these and think I might try and imagine something for myself.