Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moving Slowly But Happily Along

Top down means I can try it on and decide when to separate for the sleeves/body. It's been fun. The intention is to keep the green, and pink thing happening, but alter the oranges, chartreuse and lime's as I go along.

Look at this gorgeous basket of lusciousnesses! The cones are Australian Tapestry Workshop wool. Then there are all sorts of bits and pieces... Spindrift all the way from Scotland, the no longer available Marta's Yarns (sniff!), loads of snippets from the op shop, and some lovely mohair's.
Follow the progress on my Ravelry page, if you want to.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Leif's Birthday Fox

I can’t believe the gorgeousness of this little boopy fox! It’s so darling I could cry (just a little bit) and I am in love.
He is quick to knit, a little bit fiddly at times (but for moments, a few stitches here and there), and utterly worth it! You can’t wait to see the next bit done, so it goes by very fast.
I hadn’t imagined it such a tiny baby fox! You can see in the pic where I’m holding it… Oh and I have to add (in more praise) that it fits really snugly into my hand and I want to carry it about with me.
I used Morris & Son's 'Maya' Baby Alpaca, so it’s soft and terribly, terribly cuddly.
I’ve always been put off knitted dolls (in the past) because they can be scratchy, but alpaca makes them yummy!
The jumper (sweater) is stitched in a 3-2 rib, with the centre stitch slipped over the 2 contrasting rows, like the Owl Hats.
Julie’s patterns are beautifully laid out. Very clear and sweet. I recommend them to anyone. My grand-daughter has an order in for the elephant and her mother wants a fox!
18th July 2014
I’ve loved this pattern for so long, I finally cracked and squeezed it in between some bigger projects. Procrastination may usually be the thief of time, but not in this case! It’s addition!
My second grandson is turning 5, and is a little red-head himself. Plus, he loves his softies so much it’s a pleasure to give him another.
Partly, Foxy is for my son, to be proud that I made it.
Of course, my mind is racing ahead to which colours I’ll use for the others. Is 14 too old for a fox? I think it is, sadly.
Although I just bought Amanda Collins’s Sophisticated Mr Fox, so….. Hmmm…
P.S. Big fox is keeping an eye out while he naps.
P.P.S. It's stuffed with merino fluff.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Daughters

Gave Claire her Owl Hat, finished at last!
Look at that beautiful hair! Naturally red I must add.
Yarn is Morris & Son's Maya Baby Alpaca (charcoal) and Wendy's Air (blue).

And Ruby's Paperdolls. Her hair is red too, even under the red! The photo's don't do justice to the colours. I'll try and get a natural light shot. It looks amazing! Coincidence that she dyed her hair the right colour for the jumper!
Yarn is Shoppewolle's Zauberball and Australian Tapestry Workshop's greens.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ruffle My Feathers

Gorgeous Manos Maxima wool, from Uruguay. Beautiful wool.

The pattern is Ruffle My Feathers
Queen sized bed, so you can see how big the shawl is.
Now my fella wants a man wrap.

The Ruggy Seat Covers

OK, here they are. I like the first (pink tabby) the best.

I want to avoid the direction I'm heading, style-wise, and need to think on it a bit.

I like him, and I love the colours, but...

Blossom. You can still get a pattern for Blossom if you email me at For free that is.

There is minimal dyeing here, just the tan colours in the ears. It makes for a different look I feel, and may be part of what I like. I love dyeing though, so there's loads to ponder.

Foxy didn't feel as if it needed bobbles. It's quite chunky. Overall, Foxy gives a lovely warm hue to the kitchen.

Developing your own (my own) style means thinking about (and applying) what you like and don't like. I find that if I have references around me while I work (in Foxy's case it was various photo's of foxes) then I will go in that direction unless I purposely redirect my thinking.
I guess that indicates that there is a style that comes unbidden (and is therefore my own natural tendency), and a style that I seek to satisfy my brain (for example, I can truly hate my drawing style. I have always to apply discipline to avoid going to a hateful place). But it's better if I draw my picture, from whatever references I like, than refer to my drawing instead. If I get that right, the rest will follow.
But, it's not a biggie. It's not Rembrandt. It's all fun and when I say fun I mean heaps of fun. Rug hooking is a lovely thing to do.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Fox Seat Cover Nearly Finished

I've changed the eyes quite a bit.
With the very dark surrounds, you saw nothing else. Just the eyes.

Look at it in comparison, Here.
I may take out some of the red to the right underside of the right eye too.
Made using old blankets, mostly dyed. On linen.