Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fox Footstool Cover

So at last I get around to posting...! Life gets ridiculously busy, but, now that I'm spending time looking after my old, old Dad, it's actually giving me some craft time. Plus, he has a big back verandah where I can set up and make dust without worrying.
Lately though, I drag Mums old, disused ironing board into the lounge room and work on my rug standing up (my preferred position) in front of the tele, where we can chat (actually I just watch my old, old Dad snooze and watch what I want, like 'Arthur 2' the other night). It's just where I used to so the ironing as a child too. Hankies, pillowslips, sheets... remember when we ironed everything?
So, Foxy is for the third foot-stool we have at mine. The other two are cats now. I printed out a heap of fox pictures and use them to do choose how to colour in. Plenty of tweaking to do yet!

Jo Jo's Naughty Hanky Box

 Look over here at my Ravelry page, for more info and a pattern link.

The darling lid
Hysterical happiness

No Swallow!
He's tweaking and she seems to like it!

The inner sanction, with the naughty bits as lining. Shoulda taken a pic before I put it together.