Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finished The Blanky

Baby's due next weekish too! I managed to buy a large cane woven carry basket, for sleeping at Daddy's house. Trouble is, it squeaks so loudly when the handles are moved (as in every time you pick it up by the handles) that poor baby would have a heart-attack! I'll have to stitch some felt in there or something. It's pretty, and some people go Oooh Aaah, but I wonder if it's cheerful enough? I'll have to accessorise it with brighter colours, in sheets etc. Matching of course. It does feel lovely but.

This is 'Blow Up Doll' potholder, coming along. More tears. I don't really know if she's really, really moved by the singing or if she's upset.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Death's Head Bunny With Cross Carrots

I bought beads instead of buttons for the corners, to attach it to the ground (before the pledge, although it fits into the clause for exemption). I want to frame it. Trouble is, I ignored my concerns regarding the limitation of background colours while I was making it. With ivory silk, charcoal grey/black and orange, it's difficult to find something to compliment them all.
It's not pressed here. Slack, I know.
Have a look at the Lace category to see the beginning to end photo's. Approx 4 inches square.

This Is The Wool For The Aforementioned Cardy

Yak wool. Here's the link again. It didn't work before and I must go back and fix it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Working Drawings For New Rugs

I originally thought to do a tea cosy, but a rug is better.
These are cowgirls. I've done the whole pic, this is just a detail.

I will not allow myself to begin these until a few other things are out of the way. I don't mean 'out of the way' as if they were bothersome, because it's all just so much fun you can't imagine! I love doing all of this stuff. Lerve it. I can't WAIT to get to these though... won't be long. I have to have train trip projects you see.

I'm very happy if you want to use the patterns, really really happy, but of course they're for personal use only... you know the drill.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I will, for one year... in fact for the whole of the next financial year... NOT buy any pattern, fabric, thread, wool, book (craft) or unremembered related object. NOTHING!
Excepting... if I need a zipper, or a matching cotton for machining (which is unlikely since I have all of my own and my mother's stash), if I need a button or related notion, or indirect things of that nature.
UNLESS, I lose the weight I have gained and get down to 11 1/2 stone, whatever that is in k's. Then I'm allowed (by personal decree) to buy (only) the wool to knit this jumper. I am determined to do it and accidently bought the book in anticipation, before the pledge kicked in. The other thing I waited for is some gorgeous Yak wool for this jumper which I am about to begin, straight after the baby blanket is finished (next week). It's all very exciting.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Nice Girls, Wilhemina and Xue

Pencil, watercolour and oil pastel on rag paper.

This Is So Much Fun!

I accidently wound a couple that were in (ordinary) balls already. These Bakalite wool winders are fantastic! Nice to use nice stuff and all. And Yvonne's winder thingy. I should get the little boy onto it, he'd love it.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

For Baby

It started out as plain, using the new Yak and Bamboo, and I chose earthy colours because that's what my boy likes... but then I consulted my stash and it is more fun this way. Restrained, but not boringly so. I'll post the pattern when I'm done. It's just cobbled together using the baby bib as a starting point.

For My Son (Thinking About The Nice Boys (Trevor & Ugo)

I can't wait for birthdays anymore. I just gave my kids some facewashers, 'Robot Parts' and a picture each. Frames from the $2 type shops for $22 and as good as a real one. They have the boxed thingy which looks good and is suitable for textiles too. I might buy a few and make a fist of it to put some in a cafe or something? Available through Etsy.

I Bought Myslef A (Birthday) Vase

I'm allowed. The one true wondered if he could maybe wrap it and add a card but the answer was No! It looks better in the flesh. It's good how you're free to buy stuff in the proximity of Christmas or birthdays.

New Obsessions

I've taken to partaking of tea. I didn't really care for tea terribly much, however, one is inclined to drink the stuff when confronted with such elegance and beauty. I bought the tea-cosy at a market some years ago, when I drank no tea at all. $5. Wicked really, I ought to have offered much, much more. I have two of these style. Must make one... there'll be a pattern somewhere online.

And now that I'm a knitting type (gone over to the other side, my friend calls it, although the teams are not mutually exclusive), I am in love with old knitting needles and would much prefer to use them, whether odd or not. I rake through op-shops to choose exactly the right colours and display them like a bunch of flowers.
P.S. Check out the new style thimbles! They're gorgeous! And comfortable. They look like lollies.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feather & Fan Bib For Baby Rhys

He's my new second cousin. Born Mother's Day.
I changed it a little. Used smaller needles, made the straps wider to accomodate a smaller neck, and crocheted around the top bit. I had to make it shorter too, than the 6inches reccommended, otherwise it was gonna keep his little toes warm as well. Here's the pattern and thanks to Linda Ball for the free use of the design.
I used bamboo and cotton, called er ah... um... Paton's Serenity, shade 1124. It's called Silver I think. It's a greenish grey and absolutely gorgeous to use.

My Uncle Ted With My Girls

That baby at the front is my Ruby, 26 next month, and her sister Claire on the right is turning 30 tomorrow! I remember making those trousers! Yellow pinwhale cord. And the shirts. Now I buy clothes at the op-shop and K-Mart because I'm too busy sewing fun things to make clothes. I used to love it. I wish I'd had more to do with Teddy, I really do. I need not to work.

The Top Is Done!

The back may be as complicated, that's the thing.

I knitted the Owls from the Owl Vest pattern posted on Ravelry by Jodi Haraldson. For my Mumma, who collected owls. Well, you know, she collected them years ago and had just found them and pulled them out... but it's translated into Mum=Owls and Purple. The rug wool I used was from a stach Mum, Grandma and I had. We had tons and I've only just sent it along (I know where it is too so the temptation is there). Boopy La is allergic to wool although I think we need our own Wagga in any case.
Now to clean the fluff out of every corner of the house and put the furniture back (until I start the back at least).
Again, here's a bit of blether about Wagga's.