Monday, October 29, 2012

Finished! And It's Only October!

Considering that Ruby's birthday was July... it's still pretty good going I think. The bulk of it was done then but I wouldn't let her see it and gave her some nice books (she's in love with Mark Ryden).

So, here are details of the quilting. It's with woollen thread (aurifil Lana 8402 which I Love, and used in my Bluebird embroidery amongst other things) and is coarsely worked. I used to tie them all but this style of patchwork suits quilting. HERE'S the rest of the Wagga, and if you want to look at all of them, go here.
Oh, and, this is made from an old blanket, a length of wool found at the Op-Shop, one small (blue) new length and bits and pieces from my accumulation. The back is various old tea-towells, scraps of embroidery Ruby did as a child, vintage dresses, a skirt I used to wear all of the time, Japanese fabrics etc.

We pulled a few of these out of a wall near the Ballarat Art Gallery, probably two years ago, and now they are very happy. Our little bit of Portwenn.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got A Hankering For Some New Potholders

I like to make a little train-project, but since I've been home with the pneumonia (doing well now thanks), I've almost done them. It's been nice really, after the initial BLEH... I've managed to close-to finish Ruby's Wagga, work out some knitting projects, think, catch up on Carey Grant movies (then back to Ingmar Bergman), just generally play at a quiet, sewing/knitting/movies pace.
However, today I am determoned to vacuum! My One True is sick now too, though not too badly... But he's a boy, so it's all cold & flu tablets and tele and compulsory company. Nice too!
Obviously, you are more than welcome to use the design, and you can sell any items made (only) if it's for a charity.

Once the pencil lines are washed of (with a soap-loaeded toothbrush), the shapes are more subtle.

Hmmm... maybe I need to re-do the moustache? Make it thicker.

I'm usually very neat on the back, but something got tangled and I didn't notice and it odesn't really matter at all so it's false pride to fix it.

I just hope their little ears don't get burnt too much.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bobby's Vintage Aran Pattern

Continuing from HERE.

I'll post the pattern as I go along...
I'm making a size 38" bust. My tension is 24.5 sts and30 rows per 10cm with Jaggerspun Heather 3/80 wool. I'm an average knitter.

With 3mm needles, Cast On 277 sts.

Begin cabled ribbing at Row 4.

Cable Pattern:

Row 1: P1, *K3, P1, K1 into back of stitch, P1, K1 into back of stitch, P1*, repeat from * to * until last stitch, P1. (34 repeats).

Row 2: K1, *P3, K1, P1 into back of stitch, K1, P1 into back of stitch, K1+, repeat from * to * until last stitch, K1.

Rows 3 and 4: Repeat Rows 1 and 2.

Row 7: P1, *K3, P1, Slip next 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold at front of work, K1 into back of stitch, Twist cable needle and P1 from cable needle, K1 from cable needle, P1*, repeat from * to * until last stitch, P1.

Row 8: Same as row 2.

Continue until you have made 5 repeats of Row 7 (the twisty row), then work 3 more rows. You will have made 3 rows past the last twisty row.

Or however long you want your ribbing.
Note: With the pics, this is how I did the cable and if you look closely you'll see I wasn't actually up to the cabling row (I'd finished them)... hope it helps and doesn't just confuse!

Purl 1
Place next 2 sts onto cable needle to front of work.

Place next 2 sts onto cable needle to front of work.

Turn cable needle clockwise...


Purl from cable needle.

Knit from cable needle.

Purl .

then K3 and repeat.

Now Begins The Cardigan

After the style of this amazing vintage jumper. I made a poncho for the ill-fated ex trip to New York, but really won't ever wear it. AND, I wear cardigans all of the time, so...
It's gorgeous wool. Jaggerspun Heather in a 4 ply. I love it. The colours are amazing. I have used it already and it's worn well. Noice!
I'm posting the pattern as I go along.

Ruby's Wagga

I just have to quilt it in the seams... shouldn't take long.
The long story has a place now. I was never sure what to do with it, except stitch it. Ruby wrote it when she was 8 or 9. Can you see also "Why aren't I allowed to do enything?"... found (a long time ago) written small in a notebook. Ha ha ha! The lament of the youngest child.

Her childhood nickname was Gumboots. Here also is the tea-towell made at her primary school. She's up there near the corner.
An early attempt at embroidery.

See there a patchwork from The Stash.

Another or Ruby's early sewing experiences.

Up on the Hill's Hoist.

The Garden Book

I bought this beautiful, hand made Italian book (from Il Papiro in Degraves Street Melbourne) for us to use as our garden record. I want to put things like, when something flowers or when to sow or fertilize etc. Plus maybe which year a certain tree was planted. Of course, like everything I do, it gets bigger than Ben Hur and I've started illuminating the pages, sort of thing.
The paper is gorgeous! Proper watercolour paper or some thing like, and the cover is hand marbled. So amazing! I took ages to choose.

This is the front piece, which I will write our names or the garden address or some such thing.

Bobby's Betty

Have a look over HERE at Ravelry. You can see what others have made too.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Juan Estrella

Been Christmas shopping on Etsy. JuanStar2 is a star! Go and have a look.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Weeks Dominating Dastardly Party Pooper

Finished Again

It's been ages since I blogged. I think I say that every time now... Here is the vest, finally finished. It was too small so I added length to after the armholes and V, then cast on down the side and did a bit of sideways ribbing.

It's not a great fit now but looks good under a jacket. I'd do it differently next time. The extra shoulder length means I could take out the side expansion and I couldn't wear it without a T-shirt because the armholes are too low. For goodness' sake! AGAIN! I always manage to stuff up my knitting!

I like it, the Vogue Vest, but might try simply making the V start earlier, rather than lengthening the shoulders.

It's charcoal wool, which looks fluffy in the pics but is actually a nice shade.

Here is the eventually unneccessary sideways ribbing. I like the look but because it's now a little too big, it bunches up weirdly.

e RM2 knitted into the back is obscure but that's fine, it's my secret (ours).

I used the orange on the perle stitch, otherwise it would be too bright.
I have to say that Morris & Sons Empire 4ply is very soft to wear and after the fluff washes out (in a few washes), it's lovely. You can wear it against your skin except in this case you'll see my bra strap.