Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009


I must look this guys name up.

Rob Ryan

Elsita again.

I've gone mad on Paper Cutting and have followed degins from the from the best in the craft. I have had so much fun. I can only say thankyou to Elsa More (Elsita) for her amazing talent. I have learnt so much by copying her. I did think that, being cheeky, I shouldn't publish these pics on my blog, but then one always studies the masters to learn one's trade. Now I intend to draw some of my own. Thanks Elsita.
Compared to embroidery, these are so quick!

This is from a photo on the net somewhere. Jadey loves his bike. I was running out of time and feel that it is a bit lacking, compared to the others, although Jadey likes it and thinks it's cool.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I've Finally Finished The Pot Holders!

And finally photographed them too. I think I'll keep the Opera Singer (Blow Up Doll). She's a favourite. There's one more and I want to show you the backs, but the battery is dead on the camera, so it'll have to wait.
I tried to have some of the eyes looking thother way! And yet here we are? What's that all about?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Know, It's Been Ages

Someone has a nice bottom.

I still do stuff all of the time, stitching wise.

We are clearing our block of rubbish and feral growth in order to begin a garden. This tree had broken off some years ago, before us, and was completely rotten inside, as well as ugly. It was a bit scary cutting it down but we had a massive winch and took no chances at any stage. The yard is almost barren, which doesn't show how ruthless we are, but what rubbish was there. Don't worry, it'll be spekky when we're through.

Compare here, to what we had and what we now have..

I have to go and do some more now, bye. xxx

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paperdolls by Kate Rice

This is the most gorgeous jumper I've ever seen. And anything I didn't know, I do now thanks to Youtube. Any tutorial at all is there. Good O! I tried to reinvent the design to use my girls, but seriously, Kate's version is so clean and right, I won't change a thing. Excepting the colours. While I think of it, go have a look at the other versions everyone has done (at Ravelry).

Ruby's Long Story: "The Time Went Farster Than Enythinck".

Ruby wrote this in maybe grade 4? I stitched it in 2004 or so but haven't shown you yet. My first intention was to make a quilt type thing, built of all these kiddie's things... but now I'm not so sure. It spends some of its time hanging on the wall as is.

To Mum

The Time Went Farster Than Enythinck xox I love you

OnCe a Pone A Time

There Was a little Gile +

a little Boy

They Wock (woke)

up Relly orlee in the (up relly early in the)

Mornine and They looked

at There Teddys

and Went to the clock

and then they Sterd (stared)

at the clock and sterd

and sterd

and after One Minet (minute)

It Sead an ouruer hand (it said an hour hand)

Went up (pointed up)

One minet is only 60


They took The Bachrise (batteries)

Out and Had a look

They Were or Rhite (they were alright)

But it Was rong looking

So They Went to there

Mother and told Her

she Went and Had a look

as Well.

she Seaid Its

only Cos Its oly in the (only because it's early in the)


Good Nhit and (good night and)

Go to bed pleas Its to orly (go to bed please it's too early)

Its only 1:00 in

The Morning

oK Mum They Sead

and they went to Bed

and Then the little gile (girl)

had a Bad greem (dream)

she sterted Crying

Her Mum Came and

gave Her a Hug


and Sleep With Me. OKay


The Little Boy Dident

Like It When she Was gone

so He Started Crying to (too)

his Mum Came With

Sissy (his mum came with his sister)

I Dont Lick It When She (I don't like it when she)

is not Here Its Scary Can I

Come and sleep With you two

OKay Come on then Hurry

up okay okay okay I will


Good Seaid Mum

Mum Dont Be Mean pleas


They all Went to Sleep


all of Them gumpt up (jumped up)

in a big friht (fright)

It Was gest Next Door (it was just next door)

good Im glad

Then a Rober Came into the Hourse (a robber came into the house)

We got a gun each and

chrid to cll him (tried to kill him)

They Cilld

the rober after 6 owers


the Boy Had His Birthday and


Girl Had Her Birthday Cose (because)

They Were twins. they torned (turned)

10 yers old.

They Had to

clen the blud thate Was on (clean the blood that was on)

the floor the End

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished. An In-Between Task

On the red back door.

Pointy head. The new one is always the best one. I have these still sitting here, and every time I'm in between things or sick of something I'll finish one. They're mostly for Christmas so there's no desperate hurry. Did I show you the other one below?

This is the back for Claire's Wagga.

Home Today!!

I'm so happy. I made soup for luch and my bloke came home to eat. I've been putting together my daughter's Wagga back. I've had daylight hours to take photo's. I rang up because my new speaker headset doesn't work with Skype and got it sorted (had to ring in business hours). I went to the op-shop and bought a really nice linen skirt. AND I don't have skin cancer. I have a possible pimple that is nocturnally scratched.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My New Teacup And So On

Another patch. 'C' for Claire. "lgm' for Lucille Gladys Melia.

It's really not big enough, but the colour! I had to buy it. 50c. The rug was $5 and I bought 3. One for each grand-child. The jug was $3! Outrageous!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Boy

These little one's wiggle their way in and I yearn for them if I don't see them for a little while. We all need to live in the same suburb (far enough away that we can't see each other over the fence).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I thought I'd posted this picture ages ago, but if I did it's outdone my patience in looking for it again. Max is either Myrtle, Abigail or Bronwyn Bunny if they'd turned out... well, if they'd split completely as twins. As in, without becoming any kind of twin. I don't like to say 'if they turned out right'. Who am I to judge?
Pattern is Myrtle without the extra legs, or Bronny & Abby with only one head. Available at my Etsy shop.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Sweet Lerve To/For The One True

Luff. He's shy... Aw!!
This is such a great pattern, very nice feel to it. Go and have a look and give it a try. People don't immediately notice the friskiness of it all and so it's not in anyone's face.
This is the pattern... 'We Call Them Pirates' by Adrian Bizilia, with an overlay of 'Fornicating Deer' by Anne Rutten. My fella is very happy. He says it's the best hat he's ever had in his whole life! I might get some good old fashioned proper attention out of this. Only took me a week or two and all! Maybe I could cash in for a little while??

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Corners Of My Home

'Pig', made by my darlingest Mum from an old old pattern.

My kitchen.

The messy sewing room. Mid project always gets like this. It's clean beyond the surface.

Notice the German Shepherd skull. Ex terrorist of sheep.
Pre-something Papuan or New Guinean artifact. At least 700 years old apparently.
Papuan Shield

I love my stuff. We actually started the garden yesterday!! And now it's all GO GO GO!! Plans are out, discussions are in place. We've ditched the Over-Seas plan with narry a glance behind us. Maybe later.