Monday, December 27, 2010

Pattern For Teacosy's

Not for commercial purposes, if that's ok, just for you and yer mates and fambily like.

Leah's Teacosy

Leif's Teepee

I loved making this. It came about because my Dad has a huge stand of black bamboo. The whole thing is made using unbleached calico plus whatever I found or had... I love calico (we Aussie's call unbleached raw cotton calico, not the floral stuff). It's quite big, for a one and a half year old, but you want to be able to use it for some time, and fit some friends in (or Daddy).

Lorna's Teacosy

I could have removed the fluff, but didn't see it without my glasses!
The fabric is a gorgeous raw silk, a real pleasure to work with. So soft and silky.

Claire's Teacosy

Ruby's Teacosy

Rob's Teacosy

Need better photo's...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Is Exactly How I Feel About My Love & I

And our life together.

Ripple Blanket For New Unborn Baby La

A very easy design. Go to Ravelry for the pattern. You can see everyone else's versions too.

Papa's Hanky Box

For Christmas. We had a happy childhood up in Wandin (then, country Victoria, now outer outer east Melbourne) and went on lots of holidays, caravaning around the countryside. The pic on the front is at Currumbin Bird Park and sets the mood. I've used red everywhere because Dad's a fireman to the core, and the button is from his old Army something or other (ex-Reserve Army). Properly sentimental! Even the hanky's are purple, for Mum.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bit Exciting, I Say!

Alys Francis rang today to interview me about the quilt, and has put a link to a story on Ninemsn's home page! GO HERE. That's pretty exciting! Even if she did get my name wrong after the first go... it doesn't matter. So I thought I should post a couple more photo's. Have a look HERE for my original post, which has a bit about the quilt.

Above: A corner of the Crazy Quilt With Grandmother's Fans.


Originally, I worked two of these on a Western style shirt I'd made, but ended up sutting it up to make a Crazy Patchwork, which is now framed. I took a clss where people made exactly my piece. I s'pose it's about 45 x 35cm in size. The birds are a good format for learning Needle Painting and don't take as long as you'd think. This photo is on one of my cards, available at Etsy.

Claire's Man.
I used a picture my blossy la Claire drew when she was a little boopy cutie pie. The pants are long for my purposes, in my favourite stitch, Ceylon.

Anthony's Wagga For Christmas

2 metres square. Made using an old overcoat and scraps of woollen fabrics.

It's still a secret, obviously. Sadie used to call him Agony, and it's stuck, of course. I love this Wagga. I made the top in 1998, and just did the back for Ag. I think I'll do another in the same style. It's calming to have an actual pattern. Although I have to say I'm conflicted... it's the best fun ever to 'build' the abstract Wagga's (like on the back here). Look at the other's too, if you want to.
Sorry about the rubbish photo's.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

He's A Keeper! I Keep Telling You.

Beautiful walls. Lovely! And Harrold The Handsome (Harry), the companion bird from the wild.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just Found A Source In Melbourne

For Pure wool felt. At l'uccello's in the Nicholas Building.
l'uccello's is a gorgeous shop on the second floor, which sells the most exquisite vintage haberdashery and fancywork supplies. Kim is luvverly too, and offers iced water to the parched shopper. If you want little bits of stuff for the most unusual gifts for Crafters, or maybe to give yourself a treat , then go get lost in the building. I did, and bought some amazing and old silk velvet ribbon, one thinks to make an equally exquisite French style cushion... and a 1960's silk rose for my shelf... and some pearl-like little bloopy things you put as stamens in flowers (which I have in an old ink pot as a vase and it's very pretty)... and a set of pink buttons that have no purpose but to please me (just like that other little pink button)... I would have spent more, but I really already have everything. My inheritance is such and I have so much beautiful trim and buttons and fabric and vintage stuff, it's very exciting!

The Nicholas Building, 205/37 Swanston Street, Melbourne. l'uccello is in room 5 on the second floor, enter via Cathedral Arcade where the Subway take away is.

Maybe I'll end up teaching there after all?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Progress On The Home Front

This photo is way behind the truth of the matter. The grey tops of the step-end thingy's will be changed by render to a bit brighter rockish goldish colour. And the red has toned itself down too. It's very Pompei. Oh, and he's finished the front rock wall now. I really should just take another photo, but it's raining. You should see the plans. They'll need framing in the end. They are more whiteout than paper now, as ideas come and go and are modified. It's good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Tea Cosies

The Cheshire Cat above, and
Bluebird for my mother-in(out of) law, below.
These are all for my new Tea Cosies. The faces are for the back of the smiles. They'll be clothed and have hats. I'll upload the drawing too, when I'm done.
Made from old blankets.