Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Don't Have A Camera...

So I haven't been posting my stuff of late because I can't take decent photo's. That's why. I'm still busy, of course. What I'll do is post rubbish phone shots...
I've just made a few more Hanky Boxes. Not that they're for hankies neccessarily. I found a load of chandelier crystal drops in a skip/dumpster some time back, so these newbies are terribly blingy. Lovely, over-the-top sparkles. For a cheap, easy to make craft, I've managed to add a whole lot of expense with the beading too, but I don't care. It could be done cheaper I'm sure (like if I dived into my vast stash for example?). In fact, they don't really need beads, it's just that this is what I like at the moment.
On that note (beads), I bought  a stack of cheap-shop containers and sorted out my beads. They are so gorgeous I feel quite inspired. A few beads are from my Grandma and Nanna (great-grandmother) and others my Mum. Mostly my excited purchases. You know, start a new craft to use up your stuff... then gets all excited and buy a ton of new stuff.

So, using more of the books I cut up for my Honey Bunch's Box, I've made another two boxes (extra to The One True's... The larger two are the same panels, only one uses 6 and the other 8. The smaller one is the same as Zoe's Hanky Box and a few Mill's & Boon boxes.

NOTE: Please follow the links and the labels at the end of this post for tutorials, patterns, etc.