Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shed No.1, or The Cubby Otherwise Known As The Bus Stop

Here it is! Our first of many sheds on the property. The tin came from a bloke down the road who was re-tinning his own shed and throwing this away. Notice the ends of the roof-caps. Cute huh? We did one each. I did loads of the lackey stuff... carrying stuff up the hill, cups of tea, holding the thing in the right place... important assistant things. The One True did the thinking, the planning, the cutting and the knowing. It worked out well between us.
This is at the centre top of the block and is the perfect place to sit and have a cuppa. We were already doing that, on the concrete base (which was laid some time ago, you may remember our hand-prints and RM2 in a heart).
We felt all secluded and hidden there, but when we popped over the road to look up, we saw that it's the first place you look. Your eye is drawn straight there! Ha ha ha!
It'll be ok when the garden grows up.
I'm lucky to have such a great gardener/builder/cook. Not sure how even we'll be once the place is finished. I've been smug because my investments bought us the house in the first place but I'd better get cracking with the best-seller if I'm to feel like I've contributed as much by the time it's all built!
Go Gumby!!