Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Wagga

The back of the new Wagga. A combination of bits and pieces I've collected, made, worn, purchased recently or over time.
The Mona Lisa tea towel's a beaut! I gave her a pretty crown of lazy daises.

The same as the last one I made my son, but this is all dyed (I ran out of the colours on his and we liked it so much I had to replicate it). So, it's all old blankets dyed with Landscape dyes.

Red bunny I had stitched on a skirt. The writing is from a tea cloth with Welsh Spoons all over it. A big part of my ancestry is Welsh and I have the looks, apparently, so...

I must have made that feathered star 25+ years ago! Note the John Wolfe's 'Paris Garret' ex skirt. 
There are the Welsh spoons. And a couple of bees from an old cushion I made a had as a class. Back in the day. I keep everything significant or loved, regardless of the space is takes up. It's my space anyway, so I may as well use it how I please.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Churn Dash Love

I found the quilted peachy-pink satin bedspread (lining) at Wandin North Op Shop for $4! It's a page out of my childhood. Well, not mine exactly, but that time when people had that type of thing. None of this polyester rubbish, it feels so silken and luscious. I don't even know if I want a V cushion, but it was too perfect and I might take up more reading, or embroidering in bed, so it will be perfect. 
Reminds me of a 60's McCall's Needlework photo shoot.
The buttons on the cushion are actually (very) old lead disks, self-covered. Grandma's stash.

Cousin Ivy's Pineapple Lilly (Eucomis).
I made the Churn Dash quilt top years ago. It's all satin-backed shantung and old silks etc. The back is turned out and ties hold the layers together.

I can't figure out my camera. I might have to actually read something, but time is always too precious. So, sorry about the dullness of the shot. It' actually amazing and rich in colour and smells pretty.

This is the new shed/arbour/patio between the house and the vege garden. Nice brickwork my dear.