Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Feels Good To Finish Things

I did a 'learning style' segment in Workplace Training & Assessment Cert. IV, and saw that I had a fair bit of 'bites off more than they can chew'. I had never ever seen my many many co-projects under this nasty banner before. Nasty! I think that I have 'got the idea down', ready for when I have time. And if I don't like it in the end, well I can donate it to the Op Shop so some other hoarder can think they might finish it, so it doesn't matter at all...
So, anyhow, now I'm on a proper bender and can't wait to drag out a few of the things I've done (but not framed/backed/edged/etc.).
I blame my renewed teaching! Thanks for that Kim! Even though I've not stopped, showing the stuff to the girls got me excited.
So... I'll put the battery in the charger and tomorrow I'll photograph where things are at. Promise! I'm doing it right now!