Friday, March 07, 2014

Finished Knitting, But...

It's too small. I KNEW it was, but I wilfully ignored what I knew. It is supposed to have negative ease, but it has too much! Sigh... But, it's earmarked for my daughter's birthday and I'm about to start it again! So, Paperdoll's, here I come. Again.
It's a great pattern and a quick knit though, as far as things go. Round and round and round and round... you know, mindless. Nicely mindless. Then when you get to the dolls, it's terrible exciting!
The wool is Shoppewolle's Zauberball (6ply) from Morris & Son's in Melbourne, and the greens are Australian Tapestry Workshop lovelies.

The greens are a combination of 3-4 shades. 2ply doubled variously.