Monday, November 11, 2013

"Blossom" Free Rug Hooking Pattern

Yes, you heard right, it's a Free Pattern Offer from Me to You.
My first packaged Rug Hooking pattern.
I'm going to cover a footstool for my grand-daughter for Christmas (if I can find a footstool that is). So, to that end, have started working aroung the whole of it. I dyed a similar colour to the hessian for the background, and will add some green stripes. I think.

The cloth is just old blankets and dressing-gown, dyed and cut into strips.

If you want a free pattern, just email me ( I'll send the PDF. Or you can buy it for a dollar on Etsy. Take your pick!
The pattern comes to you in A4, but (the instructions will tell you) you enlarge it to A3 or bigger if you want it bigger. I'm very thorough in my instructions (there's a name for that, like obsessive but not as nice), so even newby's would be ok.
I really really like rug hooking. It's my master plan to carpet the entire house with massive rugs that I've made, using my stash. I'm trying not to buy stuff. So far, I've walked our on a great woollen blanket from the Op Shop, because I already have loads.