Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sumptuous Seraphine

Finished this gooorgeous wrap, Seraphine, by Lucy Sweetland. Rowan's Creative Focus Worsted is discontinued, or I would use it for everything. Got it cheap, though, for that reason.

It wears (looks) like a stole. Very elegant.

I wouldn't do the ruffle (short rows) again. It looks like a bustle and unlike an actual bustle, which disguises a large behind, this accentuates it! So, I ran a few threads through the back to ease it in a little. My friend Jo says a large derriere is not a bad thing and I oughtn't to be concerned, but a lifetime habit is hard to drop!
I would also keep the ribbed top band 'live' rather than seamed at the shoulder, as you see in this bottom photo.
But, it's a great pattern and lovely to knit.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Nicole's Hanky Box

Pictures downloaded from the Victoria & Albert Museum. They are details from a 17th Century Embroidered Casket, made in Great Britain. Because these images were on the inside, the colour is as intense and when it was stitched (picture below). The inside and edging on each panel is old wallpaper.
Follow the link to my pattern and instructions, plus others I've made. I'll tell you there just what tools/plastic I used and where I got it.
P.S. (It's difficult to photograph the colour well through the plastic).