Thursday, March 08, 2012

You Wouldn't Believe This But It's True

So, I'm home with the dreaded Shingles, doing fairly ok, considering the horror stories. Buggered, aching but ok. The One True has to go to see a man about a dog (in the city at the MTC), so I go along for the ride because I think, the MTC is near South Melbourne... I'll just pop into the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to drool over the green wool I have absolutely no excuse to buy because I've so much good and gorgeous wool already, even though I want it. I Want It! I notate it's code next to drawings of jumpers I hope to do, again and again. It seems right.

And, blow me down with a feather, what's right there in the throw out bin? Three cones of the very next shade, which turns out, is better than the other one anyway. It's only 'quite out there', instead of 'really freaking out there'! The lovely girl couldn't think why it was being put out cheap.

I'm very happy. Now, I have truly NO excuse to ever buy wool again, unless it's to compliment in a Fair Isle, or finish if there's not enough. NO OTHER REASON. I bought these little blossoms just because I knew I had no reason to go back for the longest time.


Mistakes, Always Mistakes

I do love this vest, but although I checked my little tension swatch, I never again checked it, so the vest is not as wide as it ought to be and way shorter than I should have ever imagined would be ok. And the thing is... I knew! I just ignored myself, as usual. Idiot!
So, I slid the needle through a row near the ribbing, cut it off and started knitting the other way, to lengthen it. It'll be fine. Under the arms I'll add a little wedge, for extra ease. THEN, I'll write it all down and have a template for What To Do Next Time!

The Latest Project

I draw incessantly. Designs, this way, that way. Eventually, if the idea sticks, I get around to making the thing.... not always. In fact I have more time to draw than time to do, sadly.
However, I have always wanted to do proper tailoring. My Grandma and her Dah were tailors. I have been talking to them a bit and wishing they were here. I always wish they were here though. And I miss my Mum. This Shingles thing is making me weepy!

I went to dressmaking school but chose to make a cape instead of learning pad stitching (1974 you see). Why they let me I don't know. But good old Youtube and the city library huh! I'm figuring it out.

I bought the fabric for a bargain at Job Warehouse in Melbourne. It's gorgeous English wool and I've been sitting on it for some time, waiting and thinking..... The pattern is cobbled together from a couple of things. Fortunatley I have enough left to make a kilt and fix any stuff-ups.

Wish me luck!

Note: I try to draw my designs on a model that resembles my own figure. I rarely get it right... I can't tell what I look like. No idea.