Tuesday, July 25, 2006

These Are My Favourites Of The New Girls

They're a bit wonky and I had to patch them because the gorgeous silk brocade I used in the legs frayed while it was being stuffed, but that adds to they're beauty. I've got a pink thing happening at the moment. I bought some pink Puma shoes which I havn't worn because they're so pink. Summer, I suppose, they'll come out of the closet.
I've never has proper runners before. I had tennis shoes when I was a kid, but never the runners the kids wear. But with my new job I'm sitting all day, so I've started getting off the train at Richmond and walking along the Yarra (river) into Melbourne and wandering around and about along the water until just before 9am. I get into Richmond at about 7.45. So... I thought I'd buy some proper shoes. I got some Reeboks too, on sale as it happened! It's good! My feet have never been happier. And the walk is lovely.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Introducing A New And Improved Abby & Bron Bron Doll!

I've done four new sets of twins... (As seen in today's Age Newspaper!) More photo's coming soon, as soon as I can get a little daylight. This photo is ok in front of the sand blasted container. Check out the Dolls site for more of their happy sisters. All of the girls (and Johnny the Mouse) are for sale, as are patterns to make your own.

Check out the links on the side bar to Bobby La's Beautiful Cushions, Bobby La's... er... ah... Cards, Bobby's Crazy Quilt, Drawings & Prints and so on. New Junk & Blather. I havn't been writing on Junk & Blather for a minute or two but I will! It's got some good stuff I've found here and there so have a squiz. Classes are finished for a bit I'm afraid.... need a break to get serious about the stitching and re-organise my beach time and fool around with my darling and do some art (or try).

Contact me at rmsquare@connexus.net.au for anything, even nothing in particular... I like new friends!

Don't forget about poor Johnny will you. He's a favourite.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Darling Grandson...

...Is going to be a big brother! Yay! In February. Congratulations to me! Oh, and congratulations to my (not so) baby girl and her fella.

This is him all happy and content and ready to drop on Christmas Day last year.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Detail From Anne's Crazy Bag

More details over here, and more to come. This is altered from my own, to fit the space. I must take some more photo's of my bag. Anne's bag is truly beautiful and so cheerful, like her good self.

I Know You've Seen It Before But I'm In Love

Sitting on top of the ex-back of the Wagga...

I sold this Wagga but the buyer didn't like the back so she had it taken off and gave it back, which is cool, because I don't have any Wagga Lilly flour sacks left and I don't plan a trip to Wagga Wagga anytime soon, and I'd embroidered it heavily.