Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Cushion.

Kim from l'uccello gave me this amazingly beautiful wool embroidery, and the colours look gorgeous with our new lounge suite. Mum had this velvet in her stash. It's big, nearly 50cm long, and squishy with a super-fine down filled insert (possibly complete with vintage mites). I haven't finished sewing the cord around the edge... it's a pain and has to be done in stages.

Backs MUST be velvet! Cushions are to lay your head upon. It's my rule, unless it can't be avoided.

New Old Footstool

I've been collecting old tapestries from the Op Shops for ages now. I can't pass them by. In the past I've made cushions or just stashed them, until I saw these! Well, not these particularly, but this type of thing. Amazing!
The stool was covered with funky pink and grey vinyl, but had ripped and degraded conveniently. It took about 2 hours! I couldn't be happier, unless I owned one of the chairs in the link!

Had to sew a bit on the side of the puppy (in blue)... might need to embroider over the seam. It looks a bit odd.

Our staple gun couldn't cope with the Masonite so I ended up using a thick nylon cord and pulling it in. The braid is old too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Schulim Krimper Lounge

We won this at auction a week or two ago! Couldn't believe it! Got a great price and even had a dealer come and tell us so before we drove off (he'd just bought a house full so didn't bid).
Now I'm on a complete decorating bender. I've been drawing cushions for ages, and whilst we already had most of the furniture (hence the colour scheme partly accounted for), the couch was the last note and so I am FREE to make my cushions. Got a couple of pics to take tomorrow...
It's sooo exciting!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cowboy Bee Cushion Revamp

I made this cushion cover some years ago, but the silk/metal fabric wore out in the middle, so I cut it out (it was over the top of the orange) and just now added the couched cording in a Yugoslavian style. It looks gorgeous on our new 1955 Shulam Krimper lounge suite.
Look here for the old and the pattern.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Garden, Feb 2013

Before the arbour went up

They got even bigger than this!

From the other side of the road

Fish tank, protected by beans and pumpkins. Another two babes this year too! In spite of slimey water (that we can't seem to fix)

A fern tree trunk for the orchids.

Ferro cement pretend branches (inspired by a Victorian aviary we saw years ago).

Topped with Polonia tree branches we have been cutting from Dad's trees. Every year we coppice them and get these long shoots. Light, insect resistant wood.

Not gonna use the bamboo.