Sunday, August 26, 2007

Working Drawing For The New Nice Girls

These guys are pretty happy too.

Beautiful Melbourne

Street Art to the Sars! We might put mad taggers in prison in this town, but we give space to the proper artists. Whatever you think of it, I'm proud. Dunno about the jail thingy though... bit tough... People should cut out the pure, dumb-arse defacing but jail... Hmm... why can't they be made to clean it all up and then help old ladies across streets or something? 20 old ladies and 3 months scrubbing walls and painting nice pictures with butterflies in kindergartens.
It doesn't look good to see some stupid name scribbled over everything in sight, but I absolutely love these big pieces. It's good. The train line from about Box Hill is really good at the moment. Them young'ens are really doing their best.

Even the lock on the door is happy in itself.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little Boy's Drawing

That he lovingly gave to us until Mum turned up and he changed his mind and give it to her. I'TS NOT FAIR!!
I was impressed with the little fish with attitude, and the big fishes eyes. 7 years old.

Old Cushion Almost Ready To Die

It's been good, and nice. One tassle has fallen off now and it's a bit lumpy, but in its day it was a fine cushion. Made with old brocade curtaining and antique silk fringe which now suffers from alopecia. Thought I'd better get pic before it bites the dust.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Korumburra Solarium

I need add nothing...
I didn't need to add that but I wanted you to realise...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This Is Where I Was Earlier Today

In my new kyak. It's so completely beautiful down there. That's Wilson's Prom in the background over Corner Inlet. Directly in front of The Van. I sewed, watched Dr. Who, read this beautiful book and played hide the you know what with spunky trunks. What a lovely weekend!

Hunting Cushion At The Caravan

I love this cushion. The rucching around the edges and the soft, lovely velvet back. I always put the buttons to the side so it odesn't impede the laying of the head.
Yes I know I could have dusted off the bobble fringe before I took the photo...

Back Of 'Drunkard's Path Variation Cushion

What I promise, I try really hard to get around to doing. I love covered buttons. I go to Jimmy's Buttons, it's a good name. And they're good too.
The front of the cushion is over here.

Onto The Next Nice Girls

The colours remind me of my own little red heads. Pink and orange. The fella says I always do the noses too big so I'm following his lead there as you might see.
They're pretty happy girls and that makes me happy too.
I can't show the others until they're finished. The embroidery is done but the surrounds are not.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Bored Moment's Stitching

Hmmm, what will I write? Hmm, what can I say?

I Made This For My Honey Bunch...

...Before he came to stay and I could keep him warm myelf. Although we do indulge in a bit of hot water bottle behaviour these days in spite of the 'spoons' advantage.
Even though my Mum had one burst on her and had a blister from elbow to wrist and down her back. Dad's high and remarkable qualifications as a first aid teacher and practitioner helped only in that Mum jumped straight into a cold shower. We know about burns and car accidents because of him...
The inside is so pretty (with the bee petit point) that it's been on the outside for a little holiday.
P.S. That's Maiden Hair stitch with Colonial(ish) knots.

My Favourite Quote Ever


Saturday, August 04, 2007

'The Kite Runner' By Khaled Hosseini

This is such a beautiful book which incidentally describes various Afghani customs within the storyline. Such as, the Afghan people, after seeing a movie for the first time, would be badgered by their friends... 'What happened in the end?' 'Did they find love?' 'Was the bad man killed?'. When the narrator came to America and happily shared the ending to other people, they thought it the rudest behaviour.
I always think that we know so little about each other. In my home, growing up, if a neighbour came to visit and immediately put the kettle on for a cuppa, it was considered an idication that they felt at home. Therefore good. When I met my now ex in-laws for the first time and did the same they were horrified and offended that I thought their hospitality so lacking and that I had the audacity to help myself. EVEN THOUGH my then boyfriend asked me to! Even though.
But, it was a different culture (English) and as I said... EX!
Anyway good people, read this if you want your heart broken tenderly.