Wednesday, June 13, 2012


More of the One True's amazing rock work.


Hubby's painting and my lace. Peek of a gorgeous green vase my Grandma lay-byed in the 50's.

 A few of my favourite things: Damian Meehan Little Man in a Box, Mum's Weight Lifter doll, Boxes by Katherine Hepburn lookalike (sorry, I've forgotten your name), vintage millinary flowers from the family inheritance (i.e. from Mum via Grandma via her Mum Nanna), Op-Shop grave ornament ceramic flower, embossing stamps from Paris and old old doiley's from goodness knows where.

Deborah Klein Linocut Print. Bought with a gift from Jean Goldberg, given for that purpose.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sneak Peek

I've been working on a few new designs. I do spend a lot of time with tracing paper these days, trying it this way... trying it that way... Something I never used to do and how silly was that? This is a new Japanese silk available at l'uccello. I dampen it as I go along with a moist cloth rather than running it past my dampened lips after imagining the amount of accumulated spit. Eew!).It's very fine and, as with rayons, wetting it a bit makes it 100% more managable. 200%.

Oh, and go check out the new class dates!

I Just Never Get To The Camera

 But I keep busy... Claire's Birthday Pants Man. Finished at last! I was pretty happy with it and so was she! xoxoxox My little girl all grown up...

Trousers in Ceylon stitch.