Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bluebird Design

There's a bit more over here... Bloody hard to get a good pic when it's worked on shot silk. But I tried. I'm putting it up again because I've had cause to get it out and do love the stitches.

I've Never Shown You This Before.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Started This Years Ago In 1997

Top: Front as it is now (what will I do with it?)
Middle: Photo of part-done piece.
Bottom: Back... always nice.
It was a stage I was going through, this pensive looking out. Tentative. Pleased. My hair looked like this, only dark. Long.
Looks more like a mix (of Me) with my friend Suzanne and someone's luscious lips... come to think of it Suzie has those. She's one of those friends who tells you why you did right/acted understandably/are terrific... even if you've been appalling. Great pre/post seperation friend. It's not a picture of me and it is.
I'd had a dream with the kaleidoscopic squares as depicted at the top the night before a clever show on tele which informed us that we don't dream in colour. I can still see the vision in my mind. So there, stick that up your jumper.
I like this and I don't like it, but is that because my nearest and (usually, mostly, generally) dearest doesn't like it?
I can't stand it really, but it's part of my history.
There's something to be said for painting part of the canvas and leaving it unstitched, but it's too late for that so I had to attack. I wonder if it might look ok with heavy fabric manipulation around it, or closely rendered Bobbles? Will you help me?? Please????????? I need ideas. Desperately. Op Shop it?
P.S. Tomorrow I'll do a close-up of the eyes, which are multi-coloured and look alright.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Ate A Whole Packet Of These Today

Hob-Nobs. So you know what I'm going to rush off and do tomorrow in class. So if I was on a diet it'd be done for today, but by tomorrow (afternoon) it would be back on track! Ha ha ha!

I Think I Wet My Pants Laughing At Baby

... And before you warn me, I know they're dangerous things when baby gets a bit bigger but we are right there and she's strapped in very well and she's light and little. Absolutely mental! Completely hilarious the way she gets really fast, her little knees pulled up as she goes fast and faster. Ross and I could hardly breathe with laughing. Tears of funniness and big-in-lovedness fell out of my eyes. She's stopped here to see what we were laughing at.
P.S. The yellow knitted dress is one my kids wore, yes, even my son. Seems like a life-time ago, or five minutes.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alright, Laugh. See If I Care

They don't fit. Although she did 'The Plank' with her little feet to make it difficult, bless her.
You can see how they go together. Sew the tops together... top and lining around the ankle, having the strap pinned in place. Then sew the sole to both (top & lining). I'd be stitching the inner sole (lining) over the seams inside by hand, if I was going to bother finishing them that is. You know, tuck the seam inside the sole lining.
I made the strap longer than before but stupidly didn't measure and left the full extra bit in... easily remedied but not now.
Back to the drawing board. At least they'll be easier, being bigger.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Newest Bobble Cushion

Front and Back views.

Actually I started this ages ago, but it's going to be finished SOON! I'll make up the back, bung them together, then dye it. Green, I've decided. Applish, clear, kitchen-type, non-sage Green. I've drawn out a pattern for a rectangular version in bright red velvet too.

I made a pattern for this... if you're interested. Going cheap since I'm not pursuing the business angle any more and want to get rid of stock. I sort of pillaged it in any case, although the pattern
has been obsolete for a millenium and would seem to be out of time?. I did figure it out without the benefit of anything to copy though, so there was a LOT of figuring and playing and trying and changing, which might redeem me a little bit.
The white, un-dyed version is tweaked from the yellow (my yellow) and puts the bobble's closer together.

The pages you see at the top are my source. An old McCalls Needlework & Craft from my childhood. But since making this pattern and cushions, I've purchased an original pattern from good old Ebay. I haven't even looked inside yet! Had it for over a year.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rabbit Fur Bee Cushion Pattern

Here it is. I think you have to save the picture to Documents or something before you can print it? Then enlarge it. Or just draw it. 1, 2, 3 body parts, then wings...

If you click on the drawn diagram, you'll see the stich recommendations. Of course you may do as you so desire. You can stand on your head in the corner if you please and I won't stop you.
Alright... Firstly, work the legs and feeler thingy's. You don't neccessarily need to work the legs that are hidden by the wings. I do but that doesn't mean you have to. Do your Knots. Leave a space for the eyes. I do them in Satin Stitch but firstly work a row around the eye in Chain, then Satin one way, covering the Chain, then Satin over the top of it all. Get it?
The feet are Fly Stitches.
Couch some thickish cord or something, following whatever design you choose. Make the outside line (edge of either wing) thicker than the internal (swirly) lines.
Using filaments or fine metallic thread, do Herringbone Stitch to fill the in-betweens. I've blended different colours by stopping half-way... then coming in with a different colour. I also added single stitches here and there to add a spark or add some deeper colour in a corner.
Or, if you're doing something like the Orange Velvet Fabric Bee, couch the whole of the wings. That piece isn't finished, obviously, but it's still got a second set of wings to go on yet.
The Silver Rabbit Fur Cushion Bee has fine rayon stitching below the wings too. I put them there to make the embroidery stand out against the fabric better.
The rest of the photo's of the finished Rabbit Fur Bee Cushion are here.
Please email me if I've missed something or it's not clear...

I Don't Want To Bore You But...'s my blog and I'll do what I want to. I went to the Pixar exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image with these blossoms. Oh and their mother and auntie and adopted aunty for the day. Great show! **** from all of us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My Dad kept this for the longest time. He somehow enjoys the failings of others... in a funny, Scottish way. Usually. Usually it's funny that is. Ish.

The old days of type-writers, eh. To think, my childhood world is Retro!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This is old, but I thought you might maybe perhaps would like the pattern. I'm not going to teach it again I don't think. The fabric of the ladybird has obviously run, but what the heck, just makes it look loved and well-used. Which it is. I've made and sold a pair like this, as in same fabric, one bee and one ladybird.
The bee is the same as on the Cowboy Cushion.
To do the body of the bee, I sew strips of fabric together before I cut the shape, otherwise it's too fiddly. What else??? The legs are done in Double Herringbone stitch. This instruction isn't really how I do it... um... try Closed Herringbone... All you do is make the points meet, rather than have a gap between. But, either way it'll be fine.
Do the applique and embroidery before putting the fringe on. I cut the fabric a bit too big if I have enough, then, with some difficulty, push the fringes out of the way to sew the back on.
Probably a better way to do it but there you go.
Please feel free to ask if you want to know anything else. Please! I'm bored!
P.S. Enlarge the pattern until it is 26-7 cm wide.
42 cm finished width of cushion (that is, the design/pattern sits in a bit from the edge).
P.P.S. You might have to save the pattern to your pictures before printing. It doesn't seem to let you otherwise, although my blogger page is playing up...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Had A Dog Called Hobie And Now Look What I've Got!

Hmmm... Went to the Boat and Fishing Thingy at Jeff's Shed last night after a long day at work and bought this!! Well, my darlinka decided, I would never presume to be so SPENDY! It's 16ft long and you peddle rather than paddle, which is suitable and neccessary because of my dodgy neck and shoulders (which I do believe is due to rampant embroidering). Good bum work too so he'll get his money's worth (back) eventually.

He's been out and about in his kayak and I greet the tales of adventure with 'Aw! It's not fair!" Because I want to go. Besides, he likes company and I like the great outdoors. Too.

So the guys at the show, who, incidentally all know Ross via the kayak fishing forum but hadn't met face to face... told me about the fishing aspect... 'You can put your rod here' and so on, and I asked them about the embroidery capacity of the rear storage cubicle. Of course they said the vessel was so stable that I could easily do my embroidery.

They thought I was joking. Ha ha ha!

This is My Nearest and Dearest's craft. I thought the red of mine would go well with his. That's important to him too. I always think it's best when we're both happy.

Wilson's Prom, where we intend to take the kayaks. But don't worry, we won't do anything drastic without being experienced and without other's with us. But, see the islands on the horizon? I've wanted to go there since I was a child.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rob's Replacement Wagga

Sadly, his 21st present and my first embroidered Wagga was destroyed in a housefire. Fortunately my son wasn't. I'll get a picture of the back... it's probably my all time favourite Wagga back too. Most of the fabric was either my Grandma's coat or fabric she gave me. The brown boucle was a huge piece from the 40's. I have a little left too. We're a terribly sentimental family. The original Wagga was almost all family clothes and Rob took it badly when it was ruined. I have the pieces here and could make a couple of cushions perhaps... another task on my list.

Unsuccessful (But So Boopy) Baby Shoe

This top picture shows the colour perfectly.

I knew as I was doing it that the lining needed to be thinner fabric and not the same wool as the top, but like an idiot I went ahead anyway. I didn't like the pale pink grub rosebuds anyway, so I didn't care. Now I like the pale pink rosebuds. Doesn't matter that it didn't work, nothing to it. It's fiddly, but not difficult. And they're SO CUTE! Busting to make them again. Shula sent me a couple of old patterns which I have altered and will post (the new pattern) when they're tried and true.

Now, I saw them first at Poppalina, which linked to mollychicken's photostream on Flickr... which isn't this book but is similar. In fact this one might just be better.

Just found the book... Handmade Zakka.

I'm Feeling Sexy Now

These photo's are so yummy and delicious. Everyone said not to use them for my cards and I didn't but I think they're lovely. The cushion is bandied about on here, but it really is lovely and luscious and sensual and nice (check out the story if you want, but don't expect too much). I like it (the cushion). I've put the lot (photo's) over here on my Flickr page... thought it might be a bit much here?? Don't want anyone to be upset.

The Cowboy Cushion

An oldy but a goldy.
Just dug out some photo's taken by Rebecca Devereux who helped me with the cards. It didn't photograph very well because it's so shiny. The silk-metal fabric has worn off now, or had to be removed, but it's still a nice cushion. It's in my Back Room waiting for a bit of TLC (extra embroidery). The fringe came from Grandma's stash, which I now own.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Made This For Baby


I'm not much of a knitter but can handle a rare forage into 8 ply kiddy knitting. Weird jacket thingy to make, knitted sideways. But nice in merino/angora mix. I made little boy a beanie too but it hasn't been off his head and I won't see him until Friday... should get a pic although I'm sure, just looking, you won't realise the supreme effort these two items took. I'll embroider 'till the cows come home but knitting does not come naturally.

The hanger is one Father Christmas gave me when I was five. Chair made by Ross.

A Sample Of Our Shell Art Collection At The Van

And it keeps on growing. The rest is over here if you're interested. I haven't got photo's of all of it yet but we're off again this weekend, with little boy in tow.

'Self-Portrait, Jaden'

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ship Lamp


I bought this home made lamp from Cowes on Phillip Island, and I then made the sails (Korean Wrapping Cloth style) and gave it to my beloved before he lived with me. Now it is at our caravan down near Wilson's Prom, the best place in Australia, or equal to.

On the bottom I copied the old English poem:

'Blow, northerne wynd,
Send thou me my swetyng!
Blow, northerne wynd,
Blow, blow, blow.'
And eventually, it did.

I have a close-to-finished large piece done in the Choson wrapping cloth style. Big. There was an exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne many moons ago and I was completely knocked out by it and had to do something immediately. I think I've posted some pictures so I'll have a look and link it in. This is a detail of my brown cloth. It's a style of working that I absolutely love to bits and has completely changed the way I piece, as can be seen in the newer Wagga's, particularly Leah's, and this one I did at Geelong College. My own brown cloth isn't neccessarily recognisable as being in the Korean style. Inspired by.