Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somebody Is One!!

Miss Bling!! For all of her many and varied presents, the shiny plastic necklace (I made) took the scoop. Thick, unbreakable elastic just so you don't worry. You can trust me on the baby safety thing. She didn't even try to take any of it off, but paraded around with bracelets and necklaces like a true princess. Happy La!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Chaise

There are a couple of stories about the chaise longe.
1: My Grandma saw it on someone's front porch when I was about 12 (I'm 50 this year). It had old 'leatherette' upholstery and wasn't in bad condition. Dunno how many times she saw it before she eventually went in and casually asked if they wanted to sell the 'old couch out front'. Apparently the guy went inside to ask the missus and came back and said 'how much?' to which she replied 'you tell me.' He said $50 and she stood there, stunned, knowing what an amazing piece it was and with a bit if an idea of its worth. He mistook her amazement to be hesitation and said to her... 'Ok, $40'. She paid for it there and then and took it home, balanced atop her shopping jeep.
She covered it with that striped material... er... ah... Regency Stripes... and gave it to my Mum.
2: I held a party when I was 14. My innocent and sweet high school boyfriend... you know, the one you dream of kissing but only do on one occasion because you're both too shy... was moving to Perth. We had gatecrashers who were a bit rough and somehow knocked the back off. It's a weak point I guess... so Mum and Dad put it under the house...
3: ...where the upholstery rotted. A few years before my separation 11 or 12 years ago, they gave it to me.
4: My (ex) husband promised to have it fixed up. Mainly because he never bought Christmas presents and gave me an IOU the day after Christmas out of guilt. But, as money came and went for a few years... more promises were made, ala Birthday etc... but no go.
5: We separated and soon after recieved a big tax refund and I said to a counsellor (we had a last-ditched-effort to find a solution) I was going to fix up the Chaise with my tax. To which the ex said, no let me. The counsellor said it would be a good gesture...
6: But...
8: 4 years passed. I finally got my share of our money. And ordered the fixing-up there and then!
Pure silk, hand-loomed silk, no less!!!! French. Perfect workmanship. Lots of money, but it had to be.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting Along With Things

The brilliant boy's bookshelf. Moving was no chore, apart from the weight... the books were already packed and we just reconfigured the stacking in the new house. We need more so the wood is ordered. One or two screws make it secure, although this stack doesn't seem to need any.

From my darling Grandma, painted in Porter's paint (Pricilla Pink).
Wall piece by Kinda Kaiser. 2003ish. I saw it at an exhibition at the George Gallery.

The lad thought Pink Doll made the bedroom unmanly, so I went to get her friends before his parents arrived, just for a bit of good old-fashioned fun. Can you make out the lamp?? Another Grandma find (I love it but someone else hates it).

My caring and daring fella put a roast in the oven, then cut a hole in the wall, one hour before the in-laws arrived for dinner! It's great! You can watch tele from everywhere.

I Made One In Blue Just For You

And with better quality felt. I tried to get good red at Spotlight, but they only had those earthy reds that I hate. Maybe with this photo, these will make more sense???

Friday, January 18, 2008

All From My Grandma

Got A New Idea

Something to do at work when I'm sitting in waiting that requires no brain cells. My cushion biblo magnifica inspied me again... although it's not exactly in there... the concept is. I've given you lots of pics because it's a bit hard to make out, being red and all. Think 'egg carton'.

The idea is... I'll lightly stuff each 'cone' or 'pyramid', sew some sides on to make it round, then make into a groovy, funky, hipster cushion. I want to do the gathered side ala Hunting Cushion.

The back view photo is very hard to make out, but, I've made the tops (individually) then sewn them together, along with the back (square)... but leaving one side open until it's stuffed. Therefore, when you stitch two 'cones' together, you are going through 4 layers of felt. Get it??
I want someone to try it and show me theirs. I'll show you mine if you show me yours sort of deal.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Salt & Pepper Shaker In Original Wrapping

I want to use them, but how can I?? It's a beautiful thing. I am still delightledy unpacking my stuff.

The tambourine was a gift from a friend. He's given me some choice cuts over the years. Isn't it nice when someone has a really good handle on who you are? (And still likes you). He's a ceramicist. Contemporary. Excellent. Check him out.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You'd Think The Shelves Were Specially Made

Amidst the shambles, bric-a-brac reigns.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We Slept At The New House Last Night

Zig-zag solution to the transition between white and natural wood. Our favourite bit.

Our feet went down hill as we slept. We'll have to cut the legs on the bed, unevenly, to accomodate the wonky, pre-re-blocked house. It's a 'put-together' bed base anyway so it doesn't matter. We LOVE the whiteness! It's extraordinary. New, unusual!

Before we'd finished painting we had some of the ornaments out, of course. Last night we put a few things around, in the midst of chaos.

The sewing room. Everything in those (funky) green bags goes into the shelves, so it's not as bad as it looks (but then again you can't see it all). Today we go sig up some of our plants, and then that's it for the old place. I'll post some photo's of the niceness as soon as I am able.

The garden's looking great too! A couple of hours with some serious snips has made it gorgeous and tenable, at least for now...

P.S. I want you all to know that it was 37 degrees Celcius when we moved. UP the hill... everything had to be carried up 30 steps. 30! We nearly expired I can tell you, and we have SO MUCH STUFF!! So thanks everyone, and all of you who thought nice thoughts.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I've Been Off-Line!!!

Someone being industrious but silly. You can see how icky the old walls were.
Gasp! I miss you all terribly! We're so ridiculously busy, painting, painting and more painting. We've done it too! The floors are finished (these photo's are not up to date) and tomorrow the family and a couple of friends are braving the projected 37 degreees heat to come and help us carry everything up the hill to the house. The cottage. So named (by a cheesy plaque that may stay for nostalgia's sake) 'The Patch Cottage', which is terrible when accompanied by 'The Patch Road' (and the suburb) 'The Patch'.
Camilla Engman has inspired us and we have a white floor in the main part of the house. The back rooms we polyurethaned. I'll show you tomorrow (I left the camera at the other house).
We've bought 'True Red' for the front door. $37!! for one litre! Crikey... but it's for The House (which has superceded The Van).
See you all soon! If you see someone in the street who's covered in white paint, horrendous bruises and badly stubbed toes, that's me. Say Hi. I may only have the energy to gasp in reply, but I'll be happy to see you.