Thursday, December 31, 2020

Relaxing Indulgence Crafts. My New Knitting Bowl.

I found a book of fancy repro etchings, for $6 or something (ages ago) just for this sort of purpose. But you can use anything... photos, book covers, musical scores, art books, kids drawings...

This set of yarn bowls is different than the last one I made, or the last couple. No lid for starters. The lid is annoying on the last one. I never ever use it as intended (for yarn to come through). Ever.
For a tutorial to make these in any shape or form, go HERE and for lots of other crocheted card thingy's I have made and drawn patterns for, go HERE.
If you print out the diagram at A4 it should be right. I don't think a bit different will matter much. Then, slice 3-4mm off the sides and lower edge of the side and off each side of the hexagon. This makes the medium sized bowl. Repeat for the smaller one. I decided the big bowl’s sides we’re quite high so took 10mm off the rim for the medium and a further 4-5mm for the smaller.

Go to the next link for more pictures of the three sizes in a subsequent post:


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The Swan Bag

 I’ve had this on the go for some time, waiting for hardware in the post and then needing something else and waiting for that. Maybe three times and I still need longer rivets to put the bottom thingys on. It’s made from a big canvas work tapestry found at the op shop, some roll-up plastic cutting boards for stiffening inside the base... which I kept not buying because they were too much money (I want to use what I have if I can, or make do if I can). Very strangely, one morning walking to the train station, I found three scattered on the road. True story. Lining is stuff-sack scraps from camping days. Washable, nylon. Because bags get disgusting. And a couple of really old stash (possibly Mum’s or even Grandma’s stash) zippers.

I need a bag I can sling over my shoulder or use with smaller handles. I bought a gorgeous camel hide back pack but it’s a pest to take it off every time you want something. So this has detachable handles. I can roll up the spare/s and put them in the inside pocket.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Happy Fathers’ Day To All Of My Dad's (Or Those I Have Picture's Of)

 Dad, Bob Armstrong 

Gramps, Keith ArmstrongDah, Ronald West 

g. grandfather, George Armstrong 

g.grandfather William Phillips

g. grandfather Harry West

g. grandfather George Dickinson

g.g. grandfather John Armstrong

g.g. grandfather Alexander McKenzie

g.g. grandfather William Phillips

g.g. grandfather Cornelius Harold West

g.g. grandfather Joseph Hatchard

g.g. grandfather John Dickinson

g.g. grandfather Thomas Wakeham

g.g.g. grandfather John Smith

g.g.g. grandfather John Arnott

g.g.g.grandfather Francis Hatchard

g.g.g. grandfather Thomas Wakeham (might be son)

g.g.g. grandfather Bob Mallett

Saturday, September 05, 2020

The Stone Cottage

 My brothers mate squatted here in the 70’s, Glenn might have as well,  I can’t remember. My friend Marion and I used to go up there sometimes too. You turned right at the creek down a certain road and bashed along a bush track for a bit to find it. 

It was that exciting time in your life when the world is newly seen through your own eyes. Everything sparkles and interests, and your senses are keenly soaking in things for the first time. It was freezing up there because we never thought of clothes and I can’t remember thinking of food or drink either. We never had money in our pockets, or at least I didn’t. Sorry Marion, you probably did. But did we ever eat?

Dad came up to check on us the night Marion and I stayed. He was fine. We were fine. When I think back now, he will have been in his early 40’s. A young man and tolerant of my adventurousness and independence. Actually, they were probably worried sick.

We nearly didn't spot the place. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crocheted Card Yarn Bowl With Lid

 Here is the pattern for my Yarn Bowl. I have made a tutorial which also gives links to where I bought my hole punch and the plastic sheets I use to cover the cards.

With this one, the vintage Mills &Boon romance penny dreadful covers (plus a fantastic 60’s book) make the outside and I’ve used the back covers on the inside. The names of these books are as crazy as the covers, along with the synopses. I’ve used the pages from the stories on the sides or backs too, the naughty bits. But I’m getting too old to even find it ironically funny. Now it’s a bit ew! Not is a prudish way, just in a for goodness sakes, that’s ridiculous way. 

If you follow the tags below (boxes, crochet, tutorials, etc.) you’ll find the tutorial, other patterns and ideas. Here is one directly: